Female Diet Myths: The Truth Revealed

Let’s cut the BS and get to grips with the hard truths.


Let’s face it; when it comes to losing fat, us females will try anything. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll get the spandex on!

On a serious note though, there are many diet myths that might have actually made you increase your weight.

For this reason, we’re here to kill these myths once-and-for-all – so you can make faster progress on changing your figure.

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Diet Myths Debunked!

1. Carbs Make You Fat: FALSE

The myth that carbs make you fat female diet

This is probably the biggest myth in nutrition. Many people believe that carbs are responsible for weight gain.

But most of these people are simply looking for excuses.

Ultimately, losing weight is a matter of eating less calories than your body needs to maintain itself. So you could eat a ‘no carb’ diet, eat over this calorie limit and still pack on the body fat.

In fact, you’ll feel much better eating carbs (as they provide you with raised energy levels throughout your day). Taking away carbs completely will leave you feeling more tired than usual.

Bottom line: You can eat carbs, as long as you stay under your maintenance calorie limit. This will ensure you enjoy pasta and rice, without gaining body fat.

2. Late-Night Eating Makes You Fat: FALSE

a female eating late at night for her diet myth

Again, this is another BIG myth. And it’s mainly down to many gimmicky diets telling you that eating late at night will store as fat.

Here’s why; studies have shown that the time you eat doesn’t affect weight gain or loss.

Simply put, it’s down to the amount of calories you eat (as we mentioned before, if you stay under your maintenance calorie limit, a mid-night snack won’t cause weight gain).

Bottom line: The time that you eat has no effect on whether you gain or lose weight.

3. Eggs Are Bad For Cholesterol: FALSE

a female diet myth that eggs are bad for cholesterol levels which is false

Along with fats, cholesterol has been given a bad name. But remember, only LDL cholesterol is bad for you.

Why? Answer: LDL causes your body to deposit cholesterol on the walls of your arteries. However, having higher levels of HDL cholersterol has actually shown to benefit your health.

For this reason, having 2 eggs per day isn’t bad for your cholesterol at all.

Bottom line: Studies prove that eating eggs more frequently benefits your health and cholesterol levels.

4. Eating Less Than 5 Meals Causes Weight Gain: FALSE

a female diet myth that eating fewer meals slows metabolism which is false

As a result of most online diets recommending eating between 5-6 meals per day – this is what many believe to be the best number to have.

Why? Because eating smaller meals more frequently is believed to boost your metabolism.

But here’s the truth; the increase in metabolism isn’t significant enough to really make a difference.

As a result, it’s better to see what’s best for you – and if that’s eating 2-3 bigger meals, then go ahead.

Bottom line: Eat as many or few meals as you like. Just keep an eye on your overall calorie intake.

5. Vegetarians Can’t Build Muscle: FALSE

a female diet myth that vegetarians can't build muscle

We’ll admit that we’re not vegetarians. But many people believe that they need meat to build or maintain muscle.

We’ve actually saved this till last, because it’s one of the biggest misconceptions there is.

Simply put, you can consume complete proteins through vegetarian food sources – such as quinoa, soy protein (eg. Tofu) and Seitain. This is exactly why vegetarian (and even vegan) bodybuilders exist.

Not only that; vegetarians can eat eggs, which is one of the best protein sources in general.

Bottom line: Vegetarians have access to high quality protein sources, without needing any meat to build muscle.

Summary: Female Diet Myths

If you didn’t know about any of these diet myths before…then the chances are that you’re pretty shocked right now.

I mean, almost every diet plan tells you that carbs are the devil right?! Well, this is simply to sell their product (most notably the Atkins Diet).

Don’t get us wrong; low carb diet plans can work, because they help you reduce your calorie intake. But as long as you measure your food correctly, you can still enjoy pasta and rice – while still sculpting your dream figure.

In fact, it’s only when you’re thinking about stepping on-stage as a female bodybuilder that you really need to cut carbs out (but we’re guessing most of you won’t want to get below 8% body fat anyway).

Bottom Line: It’s all about calories in v calories out. If you’re not sure how many calories you need, then check out this useful article here (which contains a free calorie calculator for you)

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