Fitness Instructor Marries Herself After Becoming Tired Of Waiting


She lost her patience trying to find the ‘perfect’ man and gave herself the ring instead. 

We live in a world where the birth rate is declining in some countries, most notably Japan.

Many dating apps have become very popular, such as Tinder in the UK. And it seems more difficult than ever to find the ‘right’ man to marry.

Well, a fitness instructor from Italy, Laura Mesi, didn’t leave things to chance. After 20 years waiting for the ‘perfect’ man to arrive on a white horse, she gave up and took extreme action.

The 40-year-old impressively arranged a ceremony in Lissone (Italy), marrying herself in an unprecedented event.

I mean, we know that some people love themselves. But Laura Mesi really has taken things to the next level.

We wonder how her honeymoon is going? Possibly with a vibrator and a mirror? Who knows.

Her own cake with a single bride on top

Speaking about her strange decision, Laura said: “I told friends and family that if I had not found my soul-mate by my 40th birthday I would marry myself.

“If one day I find a man with whom I can plan a future I’ll be happy, but my happiness does not depend on him.

“This is my fairy-tale wedding, only without a Prince Charming.”

She didn’t cut any corners, and even sliced her own cake that contained her own bride figure on the top.


The $11,428 Single Wedding Ceremony

You might think that this was a ‘half-joke’ sort of thing. However, you’ll realize how serious Laura was after hearing how much she spent on her own wedding.

The total of her ceremony was over $10,000 to marry herself. If it was just for a ‘joke’, then it was an expensive one…

Fair play for not being messed around by any guys, but we probably would have put that towards a mortgage instead.

Honeymoon to Egypt

We weren’t joking when we said Laura Mesi didn’t cut any corners.

Even after her $11,428 wedding ceremony, she’s still forking out for a single honeymoon to Egypt.

You would have thought she would take a friend or family member. But nope, she’s seriously going by herself.

More power to her.

She finished the interview by saying: “Love yourself before anyone else”. 

And it seems she’s takes her words literally. Be worried if she ever gives you an angry threat.

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