Top 10 Fitness Selfies That Need to Stop

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Anyone with an ounce of social media experience knows that the majority of pictures taken these days is a selfie. Whether it is for FB, Twitter, or the grand Instagram, people take more selfies these days than they do of real things happening…like, away from their face. If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to get over half of the selfies you see, whether you keep double tapping them on IG or not. Before we start though, let me preface that this is all in good humor and I am #1 violator of this list. So lets all agree (myself included) to start moving away from the following 10 Fitness Selfies we really should stop taking.

The “It’s Not Slutty if its #Progress” Selfie

This one doesn’t even need an explanation because you all know this. Furthermore, most of us do it. I do it all the time! This selfie has got to stop. It is perfectly ok if you want to bend over and take a picture of your cheeks, also ok if the picture is of your hamstrings. But we all know that you’re trying to get just the right angle so your butt is looking mighty curvaceous and your hamstring peak be popping. And if you don’t get a decent amount of likes…”um, did they notice how amazing my butt looks?” is a usual inner voice response. Yes, it is about progress…squats aren’t for nothing…but we need to stop disguising it as such. If you only cared about the progress of your rear, you probably wouldn’t post a pic of it to thousands of people. And if you did, you probably wouldn’t wear a thong for the shot. It really is ok to just want to show yourself off, but you got to own it. I will respect you if you say, “I wanted to see if my butt got bigger. Also, I think my butt looks amazing in this light!”. I mean, we all deserve a little tap tap of appreciation once in a while, right?

@thesquatsquad – nice…progress?

“Fitness Couples!” Selfie

Oh My Goodness. Over it, we all need to be over it. Yes, it is so adorable when you and your boyfriend workout together. It is also very adorable when you guys use each other as weights while the other does abs/pull ups. You know what I don’t need on my newsfeed though, you two constantly kissing all over the gym with #CouplesWhoWorkoutTogether yada yada yada. I get it, he probably is hot, and you’re probably pretty cute yourself, and you’re both getting hotter by the second just being in the gym together. I feel certain that couples who take pics like this also have their FB blasted with coupley pics as well, so please, don’t bring it to any fitness oriented environment. You know what screams Fit Couple more than your hearts and hashtags? A couple where the woman looks like she can bench the man, and a man who looks like he could murder any chump that gets near his woman. Take a picture of that scenario and you can hashtag your little heart away.


The “Non Progress, Progress” Selfie

Ok, so this isn’t to be a turd and downplay people who work hard in the gym, but have a hard time seeing results. I know that you won’t look like you’ve gained a ton of muscle in a week’s time, but for heaven sakes, when you post a selfie and call it a progress pic, please let there be something different! Progress pics often are made up of an older picture and a newer picture side by side. If I have to play “Spot the Difference” with your pic, it doesn’t qualify as a progress pic. End of story. You may feel different after a week or two of working out, but unless you’ve made some crazy drastic changes, you won’t look too different. You shouldn’t take progress pics constantly, not just so I don’t have to look at them, but also so you don’t feel like you’re always staying the same.

@ilubb2bfit there’s a difference somewhere…

The “Look, I’m Standing in a Gym” Selfie

Oh look, @sahipps uploaded a new picture on IG! It is a picture of her at a gym. Standing by the squat rack…just…standing there. Yep, when you say it out loud, it sounds about as stupid as it looks. I don’t know if this is the new form of “checking in” where you post a picture of yourself literally just standing in the gym, but it has got to stop. I don’t need to see you in a gym to believe that you work out. Honestly, I don’t spend enough time on your page/profile to care if you actually go to a gym. Your muscles could be homegrown for all I care. Unless your gym is full of hot, half naked Ryan Gosling look-a-likes, posting a picture of you standing in a gym, does nothing for me.


The “Arm Behind Head, Phone In Front of Face” Selfie

I know, I know, this pose is for maximum serratus and ab flexing. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a guy post a selfie of him posing in the mirror like that, face hidden or nearly hidden. I mean, I absolutely love looking at those stone hard abs of yours, do not misinterpret that, but every single guy posts this picture. The guys that find their serratus looks pretty good like that, post it like 800 times more than necessary. We see that you look amazing dude, but c’mon…a little leg flexing would go a long way here.


The “Shoulder Pump That No One Can See” Selfie

I can’t help but laugh when people post selfies of “the pump”. Funny story everyone, no one can tell. I have no clue what your shoulders look like normally, so how on Earth would I be able to look at your picture and say, “yep, I see she’s got a good pump going on”? I can’t, no one can. I mean, its alright, I still get where you’re going. It happens to the best of us, where you’re working out and you look in the mirror and garsh darn near arouse yourself at how full and toned your arms/back/shoulders/legs look once they’ve got some blood flowing through them. You have to take a picture of how good you look. You pose. snap snap snap. Check the pictures to realize, none of that definition came through in your pictures. F you iPhone 4s! Just, and in all seriousness really, don’t post it. Give your fans something more to work with.

@fit_chick_babyzilla – looking good though

The “I Worked Hard…Look at My Polar” Selfie

For those that don’t know, a Polar is something you wear around your chest that will track your heart rate and caloric expenditure. It shows you everything on a nifty little watch you wear around your wrist. It is pretty cool, I’ll admit, but no one actually cares that you burned 400 calories in 1 hour of cardio. You should be burning that much if you’re going to an hour of cardio! Let me reference the “only use if its an exception” clause; unless you managed to climb 200 stories on the stair master in only 40 minutes and burned 700 calories, refrain from taking a picture of your watch. See also: pictures of sweat on your chest. That could be water for all I know. Show me you actually working out; video was invented for a reason.


The “Music Playing – Head Bopping” Video Selfie

Speaking of videos…these are killing me. Congrats, you’ve figured out how to overlay music against a video of you driving to the gym. “My pump up jam” is usually the caption, and yes I see what you’re doing here. You’re inviting me into your pre-workout routine. Except just staring at you staring back at me while you move your head around a bunch doesn’t actually motivate me. I consider this a double selfie because it provides the least amount of ROI for the viewer, but the most “wow, look at how good I look when I’m car dancing” for the creator. I’m asking you to st…nope telling you: please stop.

@joshybredis is still pretty fine though

The “Bathroom” Selfie

I’m literally the worst at this. I’ll even hardcore call myself out. Look at me, just posing away with my slightly nice shower curtain behind me. Gosh almighty Sarah! Get it together. I call myself out first so that I have more wiggle room to say to everyone: Find a new place to flex dem muscles! Really, no one has a nice enough bathroom that this is acceptable. There has to be a mirror in a different part of your house. If not, by now you should want to invest in a mirror outside of the bathroom, you know, with all the selfies you take. It is about time us #fitnessfreaks start displaying our flexing power outside of the bathroom. If not for the variety of it, at least for the not taking pictures in your bathroom part.


The “I’m Humble {wink face}” Selfie

There is one thing you need to come to terms with if you’re on social media, you love yourself enough that you think others want to love you too. They will show you with likes and follows and retweets. I see you shaking your head no, but deep down you know I’m right. Selfies are the absolute in “I think I look good, and I think you’ll think I look good too” so it is hysterical when a person posts a selfie but then talks about how humble they are. Don’t get me wrong, you can be humble, just don’t put yourself on mother teresa level. That selfie you posted was carefully picked from the 10 or 20 pictures you took to get your angle just right. There is no humility in that. Again, IT’S OK, just fess up to it. Your humility comes from not constantly calling yourself “jacked” or “sexy”. Stay away from that, and we are all good.


At this point, the world couldn’t exist without selfies. It is what makes social media functional it seems. The fitness community is booming with people being able to link up to others and see what they are doing. Lets keep doing that shall we? Share exercises, routines, health tips, clothing, etc. No need to completely rid ourselves of them, it is pretty necessary for Instagram to be riddled with ab pics, but please remember these things the next time you go to snap a selfie: be upfront about the picture you want to take, own your slutty progress pics, and when in doubt – find a different F’in mirror to flex in.


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