10 Sacrifices Every Lifter Makes

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A sacrifice is something you do when you give up one thing you want for something better. In our case, the lifter’s case, its general life. Ok, not quite that much, but there are definitely a lot of things lifters give up in the name of health and aesthetics. And honestly, I doubt anyone regrets it.

1. The Ability To Eat Without Purpose
Even a cheat meal has the purpose of being a cheat meal. Lifters think of food the way Neo sees the Matrix. We meal prep, and macro plan, eat extra carbs on days we’re doing hardcore workouts, and yes, plan our cheat meals.

2. The Ability to Live Without Guilt
The time you spend not going to the gym, you’ll spend thinking about how you should have gone to the gym.

3. Super Flexible Schedules
No, lifting shouldn’t be all your life is made of, but it certainly takes dedication and planning. When a lifter has to fit their goals into the same 24 hours as the rest of the world, it means sacrificing the whole “I’ll get to it when I get to it” mantra.

4. Closet Space
Because training shoes, zip ups, leggings, and those itty bitty sleeveless shirts take up lots of space.

5. The Luxury of Online Clothes Shopping
For every person, there is a time where they could order a Medium from pretty much anywhere and it would consistently fit. When you’re a lifter though, online shopping for things like button downs, jackets, and probably pants, comes to a halt. Sure, you can order at least 2 sizes up knowing that you’ll have to get it tailored anyways, but it is always safer to try on in store.

6. Relationships
People get jealous, of not having all of your time or of the larger commitment to yourself than maybe to them, or even just the attention you receive. It may be your friends or it could be a significant other. Hopefully for most, you have a support system that celebrates your success, but there are definitely those that feel the time spent at the gym should be time spent with them instead.

7. Being the Life of the Drunken Party
Lets face it, most people these days feel that you can’t be having fun without drinking. When you’re a lifter, you’ll have some drinks of course, but we all know that after 2 drinks you’re asking for it. “I’m drinking my calories”…”But does this cocktail fit my macros?”…”I’m going to feel awful tomorrow, and its shoulder day! The BEST day!” It’s ok, we lifters will just throw a “Skinny Girl – Drink Ticket” party where everyone can get a drink, and then compare HIIT routines all night.

8. I Hate to Sound Generic, But…Money
It pretty much goes without saying, but it is a fact. You’ll end up spending more on groceries, you’ll throw cash at supplements and training gear and gym memberships. Foam rollers, straps, gym bags, massages, and gas to get your butt there. Being committed to lifting comes at a price. Many small charges that stack up quick.

9. Being Fun
You don’t have to stop being fun when you are a lifter, and frankly, you probably haven’t. Let’s face it though, everyone who knows you and isn’t a lifter has probably said the following: “You’re no fun anymore”. The line comes after you’ve opted out of a few Thirsty Thursdays or {Cheesecake} Factory Fridays. Factory Fridays isn’t a real thing, I just made it up, but I’m trademarking it now (#factoryfridays). I digress, because the point is that to a lot of people, your lifting has made you a numb, no fun, bland, fit blob. To you, you’ve found sanctuary and people with similar interests, and possibly…your true self. Sounds like no sacrifice at all actually.

10. The Inability to Walk Past a Mirror Naked
Like, without stopping and maybe popping a flex, or just admiring the work thats been done or the work left to do. When you’re a lifter, no matter what type of lifting you do, you can’t help but stop to see what this way of life has done to you. It is motivating, encouraging, and garshdarn has made you sexy. Your body is your badge of honor, and once you get those abs popping, there will never be a mirror you can walk past without stopping to nod in approval at.

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