10 Secrets Every Female Lifter is Hiding

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At this point, everyone is well aware that female lifters are gritty, hard driven, motivated women. We’ve put ourselves out there with progress pics, videos, and stories. There are some things that we don’t always say out loud though, and not because we’re embarrassed but because they’re our little IDGAF secrets. I’ll only share a few so my “fitchick card” isn’t revoked.

We Don’t Always Shower Right Away
How many times do we get home and plop ourselves on the couch, too tired to move? Women are supposed to be cute and clean and some other C word :p but we admittedly aren’t that half the time. Showers take standing after a gruesome leg day, or holding our arms up to wash our hair after a sick shoulder day. And honestly, that just sounds like too much sometimes.

We Know Our Nipples Are Visible
And frankly, we don’t give a sh*t. We’re busy working out and we’ve done our duty by wearing a shirt and bra anyways. We know, it can be distracting, but we can’t really do much about how the human body reacts to physical exertion. We know they’re visible. We just act like they aren’t.

We’ve Snapped a Nude Pic of Ourselves
While some of us need them for “reasons”, the majority of us have at least one to see what we really look like. How can you see what progress you’ve made if you haven’t seen yourself in all your world entering glory?

We “Lift Flirt” Too
“Lift Flirting” is when you see someone who is cute and want their attention, so you either lift heavier to seem impressive, or lift in a way to flaunt your assets. Guys do it when they grunt and slam weights, women do it too. Like when a guy is just at a spot where he’ll really appreciate the hamstring strain in our deadlift. We may act like you’re not even there, or may look like the last thing we want is for someone to approach us, but the fact is that we Lift Flirt with the best of them and it seems to always work.

We Touch Our Bootys All the F’in Time
Seriously, all the time. After we get out of the shower, put on a pair of jeans, a little later in the same jeans, when we’re changing for the gym, after we’ve put our spandex on, when we bend over, when we stand up, while looking in the mirror, when laying down, sometimes a little slap, sometimes just a little cup. All the time, every day.

We Be Judgey
In a “she doesn’t even lift” sort of way. Most women can admit to sometimes being a little catty, and as much as Spot Me Girl readers are supportive and amazing women who are above the norm, you can’t lie and say there hasn’t been a time where a guy has picked another woman over you and you thought to yourself, “but she doesn’t even lift?…have fun with that during the zombie apocalypse” Ok, maybe you didn’t think the zombie part, but female lifters have at some point had a moment of judgement based on the fact that “she” in fact, does not lift.

We Get Swamp Butt Too
It happens. Men aren’t the holders of all things gross and sweaty. While women tend to make sweating look better for some reason, there are most certainly times where it is not a pretty sight. Dripping sweat can be a sign of a hard workout, but we also know that from far away, it isn’t pretty. A brave woman is she who has an intense workout planned and is wearing brightly colored spandex.

Compliments About Our Muscles Make Us Giddy
We may not show it, but female lifters can get pretty excited when you pay the right compliment. When a guy strokes a fitchick’s lower back and says how much he loves how strong it feels, or grabs a fitchick’s thigh and says how strong it feels, its practically as good as oysters in our book. As in aphrodisiac. As in, the right compliment from a guy we like, and we want to hear what else you have to say on the rest of the package 😉

i just like this picture
i just like this picture

Our Outfits Are Sometimes Decided on Whether We Shaved
…or not. It isn’t a surprise to know that most women don’t shave everyday, but female lifters know that sometimes you have to switch from the shorts to the leggings because shaving just isn’t on the docket for today. And yes, sometimes while walking through the door we can’t even remember if we shaved or not. It takes more work for women to get to the gym than men realize.

or else this happens...
or else this happens…

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If We’re Wearing Makeup, Its for Us, Not You
A lot of people say bad things about women who wear makeup to the gym, but truth be told, a lot of women are rocking makeup and are still rocking steady PRs. A lot of people head to the gym just after work so its there as leftover, but if a chick’s eyes look winged to perfection, the secret is that she’s probably wearing that makeup just for herself. It is the same reason she’s matching, or has found leggings that make her butt look its best. There is a persona that happens when you enter the gym, where you want to feel strong and beautiful and empowered. Any female lifter knows that when she feels her best, she performs her best. Doesn’t matter if her best is in a cap and headphones or eyeliner and cropped leggings. If it works, it works.

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