10 Things We Hate About Our Non-Lifting Friends

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Lifters can sometimes be a closed off sort of group. I get it, since it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t lift to really get a lifter. From the supplements to the routines, to the varying phases and what they mean, it can be tough to be friends with a serious lifter. It is important though for us to have friends that aren’t lifters since even we can get tired of talking weights all the time. Our non-lifting friends provide a balance, but they sometimes provide us with jokes, frustration, and downright moments of misunderstanding. We love you, but sometimes we just sort of hate you too.

Don’t Understand the Importance of Gains

This could apply more to women than it does men, but when we decide to grab dinner together and I plan my workout accordingly, your understanding that when I’m hungry I am HUNGRY is vital. Most lifters I know turn into the hulk when it comes to feeding time. I have developed a very strong internal clock that alarms every 2 hours. My body garsh darn goes into starvation mode if it has to wait much longer. You not understanding that when it is time to eat, it is time to eat…and taking forever to get ready/decide on a place/order your food…will turn out bad for both of us. Every hungry pain I feel means I’m losing gains, and you won’t like me when I’m losing gains.


Think Working Out Consists of the Elliptical

When I see my friends after a gym session and they ask how it was, their jaws usually drop when I say I was there from anywhere between 60-90 minutes. “What on Earth do you do? I could never be on the elliptical that long!” Yep, that’s all I was doing there, just frolicking away like a little girl on the elliptical. Once they come to the gym with me and I see what their idea of working out is, I start to have a better understanding of America has a weight issue…

Their Constant Opinion on our Lifestyle

For all the political correctness that abounds in our world, people have completely avoided applying any of it to the weightlifter/bodybuilder community. My friends, each time I wear that one jacket that is getting a smidge too tight, that’s not me trying to give you an opportunity to shake your head and say, “idk I just think you’re getting too big”. Each time I post a progress picture on Instagram, that’s not me asking you to comment with, “you’re starting to look a little like a dude, #sorrynotsorry.” As your friend, my job is to give you my opinion when you ask, give you my opinion when you’re doing something stupid or self-destructive, or give my stern opinion to those trying to give their opinion to you. In those three requirements of friendness…your “smh” mentality towards my lifting isn’t one of them.


Think It’s Funny to Tempt Us Off Our Diets

Why is it that when I’m really trying to eat clean, those around me find it straight up Hilarious to wave a cookie in front of me and tell me how much I’m missing out? That ain’t right people. Do you even know how much mental strength it takes for me to shut down that voice in my head that is strategically calculating how much pizza I could get away with tonight? A lot of F’in work! The least you can do is help me out by keeping your yummy crap away from my face, or rather, not verbally assault me with taste bud descriptions of my favorite meal. We should just apply the same logic you would use with a person who doesn’t drink any longer; they are trying to do better so lets not be a dick about it and get blasted in front of them. Thanks


Reactions to our Flexing/Healthy Eating/Not Drinking

My muscles are sexy, my food builds my muscles, my water keeps me healthy. Your face when I do any of these things needs to not contort as if I just subjected you to something awful. I have some friends who shouldn’t be wearing leggings. You want to know what my face does when I see them in it? Not a dang thing. Your face when I order something healthy while out is the same face I want to make when you order the Country Style Special which consists of deep fried fried foodness and a side of bacon. Just…wait…crap I can’t remember what I was going to say after I thought of bacon. Bacon. BACON.

mmm..bacon @skreened
mmm..bacon @skreened

Act Like What We Do Isn’t Hard

NEVER discredit my work. You can discredit it if you work harder than me, that is it. If you don’t workout or lift and you discuss my lifting with me, this is not the time to start the game of “If, Than”. When I tell you I finally PR’d on my squat, don’t scoff at my “lower than expected” weight and then proceed to tell me that if you lifted, you could probably do that weight too. Newsflash! That is exactly what happens when you lift. It is the same as when friends say that they could probably lose weight too if they stopped eating crap. I’m just…I’m at a loss for words because of stupidity.

Talk About Our Lifting More Than We Do

When I first began seriously training for a competition, anyone who noticed the group of food containers and the excessively huge water jug made a comment. It was cool the first couple weeks when I was excited and the training regimen was new and different, but there is certainly a time to stop talking about it. If every time you see me, you make some sort of flexing motion or you ask if I’ve been lifting things, I want to respond with, “Yep, we all seem to get that I indeed lift weights.” It is just an everyday thing for lifters. Yes, it somewhat sets us apart if you’re serious about it, but we know we lift…we don’t need someone reminding us all the time.

“Compete” with Us for No Reason

My fitness goals are specific to me and the end goal isn’t often reflected on my current body. So if you see me post a picture and I’m looking thicker than you’d expect, there is no need for you to brag about how you barely work out but yet you’re thinner than me. We don’t even want the same things! I actually want to be thicker, so I can turn it all to muscle. And guys, looking at a picture of Steve Cook and comparing your abs to his is just ludicrous. Of course you have abs, you weigh less than the average chick! If you’re a non-lifter, never compare your physique to those that seriously do. I may weigh more than you, I may wear a bigger size in clothing than you, but I also want my body to look incredibly different from yours. We aren’t competing. And by the time I’m done, you won’t even be competition 🙂


Get Mad When We Choose the Gym Over Drunken Debauchery

I get that my friends and I have differing priorities in general life and I appreciate and respect it. If all of my friends were gymrats, I might never go anywhere else. I respect that you’ll choose many things over fitness, but you got to respect that I’ll choose fitness over many things. Getting mad at me because I am heading home at 11pm on a Friday so I can hit up the gym early is not cool and you should understand that its something I want. Now, that isn’t too say lifters can’t rage or hold their own, we’re a group of beefy IDGAF crazy people. But, do not hold a grudge against me if our happy hours consists of two very different bars.

They Don’t Lift

What was I talking about, we want everyone to lift! More gym partners and more hot people!

seriously, lifters are hot.... heather jenkinson
seriously, lifters are hot…. heather jenkinson

Now that we’ve vented a little, lets go back to loving everyone. Besides, if there weren’t people who never touched a weight, us lifters wouldn’t know how awesome we were, right?

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