21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Committed to Fitness

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There are many things that lead someone to wanting to become more healthy; maybe their doctor has persuaded them or they no longer can fit into a pair of jeans they once flaunted. There are a lot of things that change outside of just your weight when you make the commitment to being fit, and some of those things, I think most would have liked to know before they started.

1. Your Body’s Reaction to Exercise Isn’t What It Used to Be
This applies a lot to people who used to be pretty healthy or work out a lot but took a long sabbatical. Those initial weeks when you start to eat right and workout consistently will find you perplexed by what your body does or doesn’t do. It can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be a stumbling block.

2. There Would Pretty Much Never Be a Time Where it Didn’t Hurt
As you push yourself more you’ll be wondering why everything is always so sweat inducing!

3. No Matter How Fit You Are, There Will be a Set of Lunges That Make You Question Every Rep You’ve Ever Done
…every single one, every single time.

4. Cheat Meals Taste Even Better Than Before
As long as you don’t add a pinch of “guilt”, your taste buds will be in heaven.

5. You’ll Surprise Yourself When You Want to Eat Clean
Like, you actually say “I just want some chicken and broccoli”. That sentence exists!

6. Your Mental Focus Will Flounder Before Your Body Does
This can be the hardest part for everyone, and you may not be prepared for it since you didn’t know it would come. Laser focus people!

7. You Will Still Have Inadequacies
You’ll be more aware of your weak areas and parts of you that you want to improve. Before you wanted to change everything, now, you want to change everything plus the muscles you can’t see.

8. You’ll Notice a Stark Difference Between You and Others and Will Have to Work to Not Judge
You used to eat that fat, calorie heavy meal just like your coworkers, but now that you’ve changed your lifestyle, you can’t help but see how bad your choices use to be. And in an effort to not speak out, you sometimes find you side eye others for their choices.

9. Stupid Things Can Defeat You
The scale, one bad nutrition day, feeling as if your body can’t take another day. But you’ll muster on and find your motivation a day or two later.

10. You’ll Sacrifice Things Without Realizing It
It is difficult to fit every single thing you want to do in one day, and working out will slowly work its way up in your priority list. Before you know it, you’re opting out of other things in order to take that time for yourself.

11. Outside Comments Can Still Feel Like Brain Ninjas
Whether its comments on Instagram or face-to-face conversation, you’ll hear/read something about yourself physique that you’ll shrug off, but later will find yourself thinking about. Don’t! No one’s opinion matters more than yours.

12. You’ll Have to Confront Realities You’ve Avoided
This can be great, but scary! Maybe you need to accept that you’ll never be healthy at 120 even though you’ll be as skinny as your friends. Working out and healthfulness is about figuring out how your body functions and then helping it be its best.

13. Your Body Will Hurt and Get Injured
It is a natural part of pushing your limits, but the upside of the pain now or the strained muscle tomorrow is that you’ll live longer and stave off serious diseases later in life. Pulled hamstring today for no diabetes when I’m 60? I’ll take it.

14. You’ll Feel Like an Amateur For a Long Time
As you progress you’ll find yourself being surrounded by more and more experienced lifters or fitness enthusiasts. It is because you’re subconsciously seeking out better. It also means you’ll feel like an imposter for quite some time.

15. You Won’t Be Able to Even Remember How You Felt Before Fitness
This feeling will be so good that any negative emotions towards yourself before fitness will be a faint memory once you’ve committed to it.

16. You’ll Transform Much More Than Just Your Physique
You’ll change gradually and sometimes quickly and it will shake up your entirety and will be a beautiful thing. You won’t actually be able to prepare for that feeling.

17. You’ll Hate Every Mention of the Word Diet
Because now you know that The Cabbage Soup Diet is crap. And you’ll cringe in annoyance anytime someone mentions it.

18. Your Body Won’t Change How You Want it To
You may lose all your boobs before anything else first, or may want your arms to tone faster than your legs. The body is like the honey badger – it just don’t give a f*ck.

19. You Need a Workout Friend
Note, not a gym partner necessarily, but a friend who is into fitness the way you are. Think of them as your sponsor – someone who when you’re failing, off your goals, plateauing, motivated, or have questions about food or exercises, you can call or talk to who knows you and knows fitness. If you don’t find this outlet, you’ll in a two man canoe all alone (you’ll get somewhere, but it won’t be very fast or efficient)

20. You Need to Absolutely Love Yourself Every Day
While you may not have started with an abundance of love for who you are, you need to find it fast. Losing weight won’t just magically make you love you, but you’ll need that wealth of love to help you push through every little piece of your journey. Love your gains and loses, the meal you wanted to cheat but didn’t, the meal you did cheat and fully enjoyed!

21. Bacon Will Still Taste Like Money

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