35 Most Eligible Bachelors of Fitness

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In this world, you already know that models can be a dime a dozen, but there is something just so amazing about a man who is into fitness that us ladies just can’t put into words. Sexy would be the first one, and then maybe…yummy. We know that you see so many faces and physiques each day, so we’ve decided to help you out. Men, prepare to witness your competition. Ladies, prepare to fall in love. We’ve searched high and low all over the internet to bring you the Most Eligible Bachelors of Fitness.

Anton Antipov
This 30 year old isn’t just a pretty face, which was especially proven after receiving his IFBB Physique pro card within just 6 months of stepping on stage for the first time. Sponsored by Nutrex and Stahle, the immigrant from Belarus has set many a print and stage on fire with his blue eyes and chiseled frame. Go ahead, I dare you not to swoon.

Colin Wayne
Don’t let Colin’s relaxed Southern demeanor fool you, this cover model is the definition of hard working. The 6’2″ Army vet and single dad has graced international fitness covers and is only getting started. Yes, those green eyes do match his fatigues pretty well…

Jase Dean
The 2013 Miami World Pro winner can rock any accessory just as well as he does his rock hard muscles. Cover model, print, stage and internet sensation…Jase has it all including a sleeve of tattoos. Who said good boys couldn’t look a little bad, right?

Derron McLaury
This male model is a tattoo’ed beaut who is one of bb.com’s most inspiring profiles. Previously in the army, this single guy is becoming a face to watch both in print and on the stage.

Jeff Seid
Jeff might be the youngest on this list at only 20 years old (he’e legal, thats what matters) but he’s already made a name for himself in the fitness world. After winning the Jr. Nationals competition, he became the youngest IFBB pro in history. The former wrestler and football star has a major online following and is just getting started.

Wayne Jackson
The WNBF Pro might not be what you picture when you think of Kansas’ top male bodybuilder, but he is certainly making a name for himself on stage and through his personal training company gohardtraining.com. He’s got male model looks with a stage worthy physique.

Steve Cook
Steve is just one of those guys that you have to include in every list because he’s garshdarn near perfection. From his baby blues to his lean physique to his being an IFBB Pro, he’s a well rounded lad. The bodybuilding.com Spokes Model is a face and body known round the world.

Flex Lewis
If you don’t know Flex’s name, you don’t know bodybuilding. The 2x Olympia 212 Showdown Champ proves you can pack a lot of muscle, work ethic, and commitment into a not-so-small package. The name flex comes from his rugby days, and thats only one secret the Wales, UK native may surprise you with.

Mike O’Hearn
Mike is on the list because we love a well established and experienced man. At 45, Mike still has the body of a 20 year old, and the energy to boot. His resume goes on and on, from Natural Mr. Universe to powerlifting to Judo…the now actor blows “distinguished” out of the water.

Graham Hill
The all natural bodybuilder is a quick find on bodybuilding.com’s site as one of the most inspirational profiles there. Which is what exactly what the 29 year old strives for. Graham’s mission is to motivate people through his natural work process and amazing results. After seeing his profile, can we say cover model?

Josef Rakich
Josef has become a well known name because of his ever swelling presence on social media, but the online trainer has certainly deserved it. With an ISSA certification, Josef helps clients transform, posts about workouts, diets, and all of that softer side of him us ladies adore. If nothing else, I’d pay just to listen to him instruct me on how to squat with his New Zealand accent.

Sean Harley
Sean is a WBFF World Champion, cover model, a bb.com Spokes Model of the Year winner, and pretty much the type of guy we wish lifted at our gym. If he were, it would be squat day every day. This cover model boasts a well proportioned body with mass. Mix that with his charming good looks, and we’re head over heels.

Kane Sumabat
Kane is a funny and laid back dude, which makes his whole “insane body” that much better. With some epic locks and an epic core, Kane is a personal trainer that has set himself apart from many others because of how so many envy his absolutely sculpted body. His training recommendations? Meet your macros. Period.

Adrain Childers
With a nickname like Big Koncrete, you know you’re dealing with a big man. Adrain is a 6’3″ giant, with a back structure that would make grown men weep. Quiet and reserved, more people know him by his nickname than his actual one. At 245, he is just as lean as he is hot and yes…he likes a lady that lifts.

Neal Maddox
Neal is one those guys that you feel sure could charm the pants off of you any day. Literally. The repeat Crossfit Games competitor proves that working out shirtless should be mandatory at times. The former professional athlete makes overhead squats look effortless and amazing.

Kelechi Opara
Kelechi went from being a scrawny small kid just a few years ago, to the huge muscled out beast you see today. He doesn’t consider himself a model, doesn’t consider himself a bodybuilder either. We consider him all sexy though. His fitness app, The Nutritionist is helping people everywhere transform and the fact that his goal is purely to help motivate others is sweet enough for us.

Michael Thurston
The international male model from UK has the ability to just look in the camera and make women swoon. His chiseled looks and undeniably worked for body could start a hashtag craze of #ThurstyThursdays. The 23 year old is an online trainer and has a smile of gold.

Zach Deal
Here is a guy who just popped on the scene and used social media as a way to make his presence known. An online trainer based in Miami, Zach is the real Deal (because he’s never heard that one before) with the beach blonde mane, chiseled physique and clients who honor him with praises.

Mikko Salo
This Finnish athlete began his Crossfit career in 2008 and subsequently won the 2009 Crossfit Games. That means that he is a legit beast. At 31, Mikko can squat well over 400lbs and can do more pullups than you can count. Mikko Salo in English translates to hot guy from Finland you secretly want to marry. The translation is weird on Google…

Dave Driskell
The beard. The tattoos. The muscle. Dave Driskell has made a living out of being an international traveler and lifting heavy things. The Affliction model has a dirty sense of humor that only furthers his “bad boy” look, so inevitably there are a ton of chicks who are hoping he has a heart of gold. And under all that athletic ability, he probably does. (or doesn’t, who knows)

Jeremy Mhire
A Crossfit guy who has a long list of accomplishments under his belt, Jeremy is about the 3 F’s: faith, family, and friends. He is a sponsored athlete, and gives back to the community often. Constantly smiling, he is the approachable and lovable guy we all want around. He also looks amazing which make it all the better. And somehow, he makes soul patches look good again.

Chad MacKay
Mr. MacKay is a guy you just want to be around. Positivity and all that crap just seems to abound from this guy. The Aussie delight was the “11th fittest man in the world” last year, and continues to power towards that number 1 spot through endorsements, owning a Crossfit gym, and encouraging others to achieve greatness. At 32, he appears to have perfected more than just his jerk.

Reid Worthington
There are only so many things that can make a woman fall in love with a man faster than it takes to order a Starbucks drink. A big strong man holding a baby, holding a puppy/kitten, and one willing to go to church with you. Right? Works for me at least. Reid is a face/body/name known in the Crossfit community as both a competitor and coach. The former football player has smoothly transitioned over to Crossfit hunkiness and yes…his red mane is hard to miss.

Brock O’Hurn
Brock is an actor of actual Herculean proportions. A private trainer in beautiful LA, Brock stuns time and again in intimate pictures and casual settings. One look at this baby faced actor and you’ll be wanting to play his leading lady.

Peter Czerwinski
This guy is unique because he’s both an athlete and a competitive eater. Yes, for the professionals, those can go hand in hand. Furious Pete as he’s called is a 6’2”, 250 beast of a man who writes for and inspires people on bodybuilding.com. He’s cute, lovable and dedicated and after he eats your home cooked meal, he’ll let you touch his rippling abs.

Dom Mazzetti
Dom is a guy that, well, works out. Yeah actually that’s sort of it. He doesn’t compete, he isn’t in a ton of magazines, he’s no model…but he will make you laugh non-stop. Dom has made his way in the fitness community by being a guy who lifts and then making fun of people who lift. If there aren’t two ways to get to a woman’s heart other than muscles and laughter, I don’t know what works then.

Thanh Le
This Virginian athlete is as broad as he is lean, and gives new meaning to Physique competitor. Thanh is a sponsored athlete who has a pretty awesome fashion sense, meaning that he’ll look good on your arm for multiple reasons. Sexy, cute, and completely ripped is a beautiful combination.

Sergi Constance
This 24 year old fitness model is practically a corporation. Take a look at his website and its apparent this bodybuilder has a lot to offer. From Spain, Sergi is a physique competitor that understands hard work and dedication and at 6’1” he is a Spaniard dream.

James Grage
James is the co-founder of BPI Sports, a brand you’re familiar with if you’re into fitness at all. James is a success on all fronts, from business to bodybuilding to recovery after a serious car crash. He defines tough, and he re-defines strong. Oh and he’s also incredibly worth looking at. Try not falling in love with his commitment to being the best.

Joshua Price
A retired Army combat vet, Joshua is a powerlifter by day and an inspiration…also by day. One of the top inspirational profiles out there, he’s built up a body made for power and athleticism and works diligently to make his presence known and encourage others to do the same.

Lawrence Ballenger
The problem with Lawrence is that he might be too perfect. With a face you can bring home to mom, and a body you can enjoy on your own, the Dymatize sponsored bodybuilder is in pursuit of being huge and athletic and lovable all at once. You can constantly see him having fun, making him someone worth following.

Jay Ashman
This rugged, tattoo’ed brute is something of a hybrid. He trains with a bodybuilder, crossfit, powerlift mindset that means he is all muscle and no regrets. A brutal personal trainer, he bases his everything on working hard and never giving up. He is a name that people on the in know, and now its coming out. Charity work, training, and body that proves more is more, you’d be hard pressed to find someone better in Ohio. Trust me.

Garret Fisher
Professional Crossfit athlete and young buck Garret is making the most out of his senior year in college by being supremely awesome. Being the “5th fittest man on Earth” in 2013, Garret is just as talented as he is cute. Sponsored and a world traveler all in the name of Crossfit means that he is cooler than you were while you were studying for finals.

Ugo Arimo
Ugo is a crossover, stepping under the lights of both the NPC stage and the MMA stage. This Navy vet is a BJJ World Champion, a sponsored Physique competitor and goes by the name The Black Spiderman. All the way from Nigeria, he’s made a name for himself and is tackling the modeling world next. At 6’3” and 195, it’s no wonder he’s on the list or why he’s so awesome

Noah Neiman
Noah isn’t just a trainer, he’s a master trainer. The man leading things over at Barry’s Boot Camp is also a social media personality, an actor, and is sponsored by the most coveted of sponsorships: Nike. Rays of sunshine peek out from behind him when he lifts, it’s a fact. He has the fortune of being ridiculously good looking while spreading the wealth to others, and he’s nowhere near done yet.

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