5 Easy Exercise To Get Fish Gill Obliques

Your abdominal can never be complete without obliques.

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Obliques are one of the most under trained muscle group. People around the world overlook them and only focus on working on a six-pack. If you want a shredded abdominal, you can’t afford to skip training your fish gills.

5 Easy Exercise To Get Fish Gills Like Obliques

The reason you don’t see a lot of people walking around with defined obliques is, you need to be very strict with your training and diet. You need to maintain a low body fat percentage to expose your obliques.

Since obliques are a small muscle group, you don’t need to train them every day. You’ll be on your way to achieving your dream abdominal by training them twice a week. Although training them bi weekly is enough, you need to make sure you keep the intensity of your workouts high.

5 Easy Exercise To Get Fish Gill Obliques

1. Standing Side Cable Crunches – 3 Sets 15 Reps

Using a cable on your obliques and sides can be incredibly effective. It makes sure you have constant tension on your midriff throughout the exercise. You can also use an aerobic stepper to increase your range of motion if the weights are racking at the bottom of the movement.

Stand with a handlebar at your right side. Place your left hand behind your head and do a crunch on your left side. The range of motion in this exercise is the key. You need to go as far as you can at the top and bottom of the movement.

2. Barbell Side Bends – 3 Sets 15 Reps

This exercise is great for working your obliques and the dreaded love handles. You can work on your waist size with barbell side bends. You can also use a pair of dumbbells for this exercise if you’re not comfortable with a barbell.

For this exercise, stand with your feet at shoulder width and hold the barbell overhead. Now, bend to your right side and exhale at the bottom of the movement. Inhale while returning to the starting position and then repeat for the left side.

 3. Russian Twists – 3 Sets 15 Reps

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Russian twists are a great exercise for targeting your obliques and sides. Your abdominal will be on fire once you’re done with this exercise. You can use a weight plate or a dumbbell to use as a resistance.

Sit on an exercise mat with your feet elevated so they’re parallel to the floor. Your back should be at an 80-degree angle. Lock out your elbows and hold the weight plate in front of your chest. Twist to your right side and squeeze your obliques. Return to the starting position and repeat for the left side.

4. Standing Barbell Twist – 3 Sets 15 Reps

Training your obliques is all about twists and side bends and crunches. Standing barbell twists is a great way to target your obliques. Twisting while holding the barbell in front of you will help you target your obliques and get the most out of them.

Put on a moderate weight on the barbell and hold the barbell in front of your chest with both your hands. Twist to your right side and go as low as your can without losing your form. Exhale and squeeze and the bottom of the movement. Return to the starting position and repeat for the left side.

5. Side Jackknife

Side Jackknifes are a great way to target your entire sides. This exercise will work on sculpting your love handles and the lower lats. Performing this exercise will help you get a defined and shredded midriff with a v-cut in your lower abs.

Lie down on an exercise mat on your left side. Use your left hand to balance yourself by placing it on your abdominal. Lift your right leg while doing a crunch with your upper body simultaneously. Complete 15 reps on the right side and then repeat for the left side.

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