Best Fitness Advice For Men Between 28 and 45

Our teenage years are gone, and our 30s are a critical time in your life. You will start to notice many lifestyle changes, including starting a family, getting more involved in a career, and ultimately spending less time in the gym.

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Best Fitness Advice For Men Between 28 and 45

If you’ve been able to consistently go to the gym to lift some weights, and you eat relatively smart, you are probably in a decent shape. Things only get harder from here, so let’s go over some of the best fitness advice that you can get for those of us in the 28 to 45 age range.

Maintaining healthy habits now is crucial for your later years. Eating properly, training your conditioning, and lifting weights will help keep the aging process away.

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Know Your Goals

Keeping your muscles intact, improve your endurance, and maybe shed off a few pounds could be some of your current goals. Using tried and true methods of achieving these goals will be most beneficial to you.

Don’t look for the next “shiny thing” in the fitness industry promising you to lose 20 pounds in two days. Think about the type of food you’re putting into your mouth, the quality of exercise you are getting, and the amount of recovery you get between sessions.

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Learn To Cook

If you’ve managed to make it to this point in your life and you don’t know how to cook, shame on you. Grilling food, baking a nice casserole, or simply being able to provide for yourself is rewarding. Taking the time to learn how to cook will be monumental if you want to stay healthy in your later years.

Learn how to cook meat, learn how to cook some carbohydrates, and add in fats as needed. Eating those McChickens is going to make you a McFatass if you aren’t careful as you age.

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Perform Aerobic Cardio Workouts

Keeping your ticker healthy should be very high on your list of priorities. Slogging along on a treadmill isn’t something everyone likes to do, so try picking up a sport or start hiking. This allows you to enjoy life outside of the gym.

Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system will allow you to do more during the day and will allow you to have more endurance in bed. There are many fitness apps online that allow you to adopt a training regimen that works.

Create a habit of training aerobically at least three times per week.

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Maintain Great Flexibility and Balance

We all joke about hating to bend over to pick something up, but it really isn’t funny. As human beings, our environment molds us physically. Whether you have a sedentary office job or you work in construction, we all have different overuse patterns we need to keep in check.

An overuse pattern can be our hunched seated position on the computer, or it could be swinging a bat all day playing professional baseball. As we get older, our balance and mobility degrades and using some simple exercises and stretches will keep the pain away.

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Check out this article written by Dr. Lynn Millar on improving flexibility and balance.

Lift Some Weights

Lifting weight starts the process of building muscles, and helps regulate stress and other hormones. Along with looking great, your body will be able to support itself and be somewhat athletic.

New to the gym and don’t know where to start? Check out these 5 workouts you can try:

Learning to love lifting will allow you to be that 80-something that deadlifts 500 pounds if you keep at it. Small positive fitness improvements make for a lifetime of health.

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Supplement When Needed

When it comes to supplements, I always like to sway people away from buying supplements until they are able to keep their diet in check. You take a bunch of supplements on a crappy diet and expect gains… it just doesn’t work like that.

However, if you consistently eat relatively clean and you are looking for some supplement suggestions:

Creatine – Great for muscle recovery, increases endurance, and is one of the most well-studied sports supplement on the market. Check out our top creatine choices.

Protein – There are plenty of choices of protein, check out our top protein choices.

Multivitamin – We all have some deficiencies. A good multivitamin will work wonders. Check out our top multivitamin choices.

Testosterone Booster – Our testosterone naturally tapers off as we age. Fight back and get a great testosterone booster. Check out our top test booster choices.

Pre-Workout – While not necessary, it will give you the extra boost of energy you need to get through your workouts. Check out our top pre-workout choices.

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