The Big Fat Lies Sold to Women by The Diet And Fitness Industry

Ladies, not only are we living longer than before, we are expected to look younger, fitter, and better than ever. We’ve responded by trading twinsets and pearl necklaces for Lycra and Nikes. Due to our insatiable pursuit of eternal youth, the diet and fitness industry is booming. However, like a douchebag ex, they have been playing us for fools and selling us big fat lies.

Fitness models make good trainers

Having visible abs, access to a video camera and the willingness to execute glute bridges in a bikini will make you many things; a good trainer is not one of them. Despite this, the internet is literally awash with people who are gaining popularity, fame and a fantastic amount of money.

Michelle Lewin


That’s right, screw genetics, age, diet, and the countless other factors that influence body composition. Just do the same exercises as a fitness model with a boob job and you too can have her body. At best, these models get women interested in fitness but the flipside is crushing depression when their bikini-ready-booty-building-fat-busting-ab-revealing-new-body-challenge-plan fails to deliver.

Fad diets work

drawing of weight gain after fad diets


What do the tapeworm, KEN (feeding tube down the nose feeding you protein for 10 days) and baby food diet all have in common? They are literally some of the worst and most dangerous fad diets of all time. Even the fat-fighting clubs have a share of the market with their own meals, drinks and replacement shakes. Ladies, basic gym bros exist, be safe, play with them not our health.
slow metabolism chart


The science behind this is simple. When you needlessly cut out whole food groups, (like poor maligned carbs) it’s the same as drastically cutting calories below 1000. You run the risk of not eating a balanced diet and becoming malnourished. You lose water weight, some fat yes but mostly muscle mass, and your metabolism becomes more efficient at functioning on less. As soon as you start eating normally again, the weight inevitably piles back on. The only thing you lose is your hard earned cash.

You lose water weight, some fat yes but mostly muscle mass, and your metabolism becomes more efficient at functioning on less. As soon as you start eating normally again, the weight inevitably piles back on. The only thing you lose is your hard earned cash.

Detoxing and juicing are healthy

Of all the lies sold to women, this is one of the worse. If your body was full of toxins, you wouldn’t be shopping online for a colon cleanse, you’d be in hospital attached to any number of machines. While your eyes and skin may look clearer after a week or two on a detox, that’s probably due to cutting out sweets, alcohol and drinking three liters of water a day to flush the taste of putrefying yak dung and roach milk out of your mouth. As for juicing, no amount of kale and beetroot juice will make up for missed meals.
Peter Griffin saying what really grinds his gears is Juice plus salesmen

There is literally no science to back up the claims made by the sellers of detox and juice diets. Any weight loss will be a result of the low-calorie intake and true fat loss will often stall. While the marketing behind these make customers may feel they are embarking on some spiritual and physical cleanse, you’re only feeling floaty due to low blood sugar. Go eat some brown rice, chicken and veg.

You can spot reduce

Don’t waste your money buying waist trainers or programs to lose inches off your abs or thighs because guess what… You CAN’T spot reduce. Why are there so many programs and gadgets advertising on the internet if it is a blatant lie?

A woman doing crunches


Fact is, the body torches fat from throughout the entire body, no matter the exercise. This is why tennis players don’t look like Popeye and crunches won’t reveal your six pack. Any program promising to help you lose weight from specific areas is taking advantage of your hope, ignorance, laziness, or all three.

You can be shredded all year round

For fitness models, celebrity trainers, sponsored athletes and even celebrities, their bodies are their business. The incentive to look good all the time is high and the rewards higher. We sign up to their programs and buy their products because they tell us we can achieve the same results.

Very shredded woman

Thanks to metabolic adjustments, it is almost impossible to maintain such low levels of body fat without help. Insulin, anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, diuretics, and fat burners are some of the more popular aids used even by those who purport to be natural. The sad irony is that the diet and fitness industry is as plagued with body dysmorphia, eating disorders and drugs as modeling and show business.

You need a boob job to be feminine

Why are strong women so feared? Even our male counterparts in the fitness industry who know exactly what it takes to craft our bodies, seem unable or unwilling to accept us. As soon as our body fat drops we are told to surgically enhance our breasts to keep us looking womanly. Those chest pillows on a woman with no discernible body fat make us look clownish not feminine.

Which group really needs inflated balls?

fake boobs on female bodybuilders vs male bodybuilders

No real woman has perky DD’s when she’s at 12 % body fat. Science says two XX chromosomes is what makes us women, not the perkiness of our boobs. Men don’t have to stuff a sock and two golf balls in their budgie smugglers to appear manly, so why are we expected and willing to undergo invasive and painful surgery? Time to start the revolution.

Celebrity trainers

They are credited with helping people to move more and eat less crap. Many, like Tracy Anderson, Kayla Itsines, and Joe Wicks, peddle their programs, pretending to have reinvented the wheel. Like the tele-evangelists of the 80’s they amass a huge cult-like following and their devotees literally buy into their methodology.

Kayla Itsines, Joe Wicks and Tracy Anderson,

Often, their programs are rehashed fad diets and cardio based interval type training. While the average person may get some results, the risks of injury can be high for beginners and the programs are not sustainable. Lean in 15? Lift light weights so you don’t get bulky? It’s like they haven’t got any understanding of the principles of exercise and fat loss or could it be they’re just in it for the money…

Cardio is the best way to lose fat

There are many advantages to doing cardio but fat loss isn’t one of them. Why gyms are still full of cardio machines is a mystery. Is it because many women feel safe on them and still believe hours of soul sucking cardio is the only way to burn off the pints of Ben & Jerry’s? Or is it because cardio machine business is big business?

people on elliptical machines in gym

So Separate your own fact from fiction The research all points to the same thing.

Doing only cardio based activities for fat loss can have the opposite effect. On the other hand: Lifting heavy weights = increased muscle mass = increased metabolism = better fat burning = looking better naked = more fun types of cardio!

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