Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Which Three Do You Choose?

How well are you managing your life?

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“I’m too busy.”

This is the most common excuse people give for not working out while the regulars are labelled as professionals with no other work. Since the beginning of time, there has been a constant struggle to strike the perfect work-life balance, but only a few have been able to truly master it.

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Time and again, entrepreneurs have come to the forefront emphasising the importance of a work-life balance in our lives. Work, sleep, family, fitness and friends are on most of our priority lists, but not all have been able to maintain the perfect balance amongst them.

Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s brother) calls this the entrepreneur’s dilemma. For her, there is a constant tradeoff between working, spending time with her kids, keeping fit, getting enough sleep and hanging out with friends.

How True Is It For You?


While most people aren’t happy with their current work-life balance, the chances are it is due to their unplanned schedules. Allocating and spending time on different aspects of the work-life balance is very subjective. No two people can have the same ideal work-life balance.

For some, it might be spending two hours with their families, one-hour each in the gym with friends and a good eight hours at work and sleep, while the other time might be spent doing random errands or on a hobby.

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Most people wear the word “hustle” like a badge of honour while completely missing out on family time, ignoring their fitness or getting some sleep. Chasing a few silver pennies can negatively affect your health in the future.

Your best bet at managing your time—and life—is to sit with your friends and family and plan out your time together. This way, no-one will end up feeling ignored, and you will be the most productive at your work.


Studies have proved spending some quality time with your family has a positive linear relationship with the hours you spend at work. If you’re not happy at work, it will carry forward to your home and vice-versa.

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The Fight For A Spot

Work, sleep, family, fitness and friends are constantly fighting amongst each other to get a spot on your schedule. Although you might not be able to adjust all of them in your daily calendar, it is very important to make time for each in your weekly schedule.

Each of the five choices will hold a different significance for different people, meaning others may indeed see sleep and friends as two easy-to-forget picks, while others will consider those vital ingredients to life.

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You can easily accommodate three out of the five in your daily schedule without any trouble. However, don’t undervalue any aspect of the work-life conflict, or else you might end up in a state of despair and frustration at a later stage.

Long story short, we must really try and do our utmost to ensure we include at least a small portion of each category in our live, but if you truly want to excel in any of the given fields, sacrifices will be required in order to ensure you aren’t merely average across the board.


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