9 Things That Make You Look Like A Fitness Douche

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You lead a well-balanced lifestyle of eating healthy and regular exercise. Perhaps you’re a seasoned athlete who has graced the stage many times or you just freakin’ love fitness. Whatever the reason, we’re all proud of the same things: Our self-discipline, reaching goals, and our tight bods. However, we may not be aware of how we’re coming across to others. These nine things will make you look like a total fitness douche.spoiled-brat

1. Don’t Be Condescending Towards Those Who Do Not Share the Same Lifestyle

Common Courtesy Tip #1: Learn to respect and accept others. You’d think we would have this down pat by middle school. Yet, there are far too many condescending fitness buffs with superiority complexes. Having respect means understanding some people do not care about the gym or have the luxury to make it a priority. Perhaps they lack the knowledge you possess, or they’re intimidated to go. Whatever the reason may be, you, as strong chick who lifts, must be kind.1vchjtmesh20unt8s94pfxoeq.500x265x28

2. Know When to Tone It Down

There’s no shortage of passive aggressive media all over the interwebs, all directed towards fitness enthusiasts. Things like “Eat your salad and be sad” or “The only workout I want to hear about is if you fell off your treadmill!” proves the point that not everyone wants to share your same zeal for training and eating clean. Being a die-hard fan of anything, whether it’s CrossFit, weightlifting, or even The Bachelor, will tempt anyone to tell the world about it. Except, not everyone wants to hear or see it.

Constantly reading about your awesome pump or gains may get very annoying. Intentional or not, you come off as “HEY! LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW STRONG AND AWESOME I AM”  Think about it, you’re excited to share all the details with the world, but honestly, most people on social media don’t really give a shit.

Lifters wearing no more than a thong and a bra for a candid bathroom selfie is now the norm. In my experience, I have noticed an overwhelming amount of negative responses to these photos on social media, despite how great the person may look. Remember, social media is still the world wide web, and you never know who is out there looking.

At the end of the day, your body is your own. Flaunt it however you please but be aware of what you’re portraying. To you, it means you’re proud and confident. To others, it means you’re a narcissistic and attention-seeking.KoQhrNZ3. Compete with Yourself!

Ever been mid-lift and the chick next to you keeps eyeballing how much weight you’re puttin’ up? I am not a competitive person, I train because it makes me strong, healthy, and gives me sanity. The person next to you does not have the same goals. So, it’s pointless to compare. Constantly giving others the competitive eye may cause people to grow unfriendly towards you. Try practicing a little more discretion.anigif_enhanced-buzz-19864-1326298143-14. Stop Assuming People Want to Hear Your Opinion

By all means, spread the love, girlfriend! But don’t always assume everyone is looking for your two cents in regard to health. Wait for someone to ask for guidance before going ahead and providing unsolicited lifestyle advice. It may be perceived as a patronizing critique of other people’s choices and efforts.tumblr_nopu0iQ2CB1tb9t27o1_4005. Understand Everyone Has Their Reasons for Doing What They Do

Not everyone wants to step on stage, not everyone wants to attain that same ripped look, and that’s ok! Some people may want to enhance their longevity, get a little stronger, or just drop a few pounds. Whatever the reason may be, support it.bullsinsano

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6. Be Compassionate Towards Yourself

Sometimes, we may project our own insecurities or personal shortcomings onto others, passing harsh judgment for sharing those same “flaws.”

Furthermore, being constantly locked in a battle with yourself is not conducive to your mental health and happiness. Lacking self-compassion and becoming obsessed with improvement (in an unhealthy way) makes life miserable. This may reflect on how you treat others and express yourself.1553_89c1

7. Chill out and Don’t Be a Fitness Bully

How many times have you driven along a road that has been completely overtaken by a pack of cyclists? Despite being aware of your presence, they make no effort to help you pass. Have you ever had to wait for a free squat rack? You’ve made it blatantly clear you’re waiting, yet, the people using them seem to take extra long breaks to socialize or text.

Don’t monopolize equipment, allow people to work-in. We sometimes get caught up in an intense circuit and feel annoyed when someone asks to work-in. If it makes your supersetting or circuit training workout far too difficult, politely give that person an estimated time of completion. Ryan-ryan-reynolds-33141890-400-2258. Do More Reps and Sets than You Do Gym Selfies

You’re proud of your physique. You consistently train hard and eat clean. Yeah, girl! Be proud and feel good about yourself! Flaunt it! A little selfie action never hurt anyone, especially when it’s done in the name of progress and motivation. However, there’s always a limit to everything. Taking a million gym selfies in prime lifting real estate will not only annoy your fellow lifters but makes you look like a bimbo. tumblr_n5zprsA6mE1sxqyhyo3_5009. Put the Weights Down, Gently 

Respect the gym like it’s someone else’s home. Lifting heavy does not entitle you to throw around weights like a barbaric asshole. This is damaging to the equipment and hazardous to those around you. Save the toes!YfZVuKs


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