The 15 Best Instagram Fitness Fails

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Let’s be real, we all fail at the gym from time to time. I mean, if I’m being honest with you, I fail almost every day, dropping weights, tripping on machines, accidentally falling because I have the coordination of a baby fawn. But there are times where we go to the gym and the holy mecca of awesome failness happens and you just need to sit back and enjoy. With the invention of the internet, others are able to share these great moments with us, and thus…with you.

This guy who just won’t give up. He lives by the creed, “If persistence doesn’t work, break your back so you can get out of the work”

Here’s a new one: No pullups in the squat rack. The squat rack will retaliate.

The fail that has the attention of everyone at the gym:

At least she looks sort of cute while failing..

He’s just stretching out his rotators. Nothing to see here!



You laugh, he’s working the sweet spot with his mini reps though

Just hitting the gym for a mini pump

The elusive Lat/Ab dual superset. Very nice..

Literally no idea what muscle he thinks he’s working

This is when you need to just throw a free training session at someone, seriously!


This new move right here

Too many gym fails, can’t be on this planet anymore:

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