Why Instagram is Ruining Fitness

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Ok, so don’t get me completely wrong, I love IG like the next person and Spot Me Girl loves all of our IG followers. Instagram can be an excellent place to find information, learn new moves, and plain old get inspired. With that said, there are also a lot of times where Instagram isn’t that beneficial, and those are the times I’m talking about below…

It Allows People to Think They Are Better Than They Are

In fitness knowledge, and well, life too. Posting something that gets you 1k likes doesn’t directly correlate to you knowing what you’re doing. It just means you have 1k people who don’t know what they are doing. It also allows some people to think that their “liking” of your pictures is like receiving a knighting from a king. It means something when in actuality, it doesn’t at all.

Titles almost Mean Nothing

Ever see: “National NPC competitor, trainer, Online Coach”? Guess what, those titles mean nothing. If you step on the stage once at an NPC show, guess what you are? If you’ve ever trained anyone doing anything, guess what you can call yourself? If you’ve ever had someone approach you online for tips, guess what you’re going to say you do? I get it is about promotion, but for all those certified trainers (which is something of itself), this takes away from their credentials. Your title is the same as a million others, which makes it mean a bit less.


It Can Still Mess Up a Person’s Vision of Ideal

Instagram is for the self celebrity really, wanting to think people care about whatever you’re eating or lifting today. So of course those that are most susceptible to this point are those who actually care about likes. You may see pictures of Kristina Vassilieva and want her physique, but when you see other women tagging “thinspo” who are followed by 2 million people, you may create a negative perception of the overly toned. Instagram is influential, and sometimes, not in the best way.

Its a Pool of Bad Habits

There are diet tips, exercises, and routines I’ve seen on IG that are absurd. And the scary part is that someone who knows nothing about working out sees your crappy diet tip of “the best diet is a zero carb diet” and they trust you. Because you’re a National NPC competitor and online coach. THEY TRUST YOU! I can’t get started on why people glorify IG profiles, but the fact is that half of what you see on there is ridiculous and in the half that is good, it still isn’t for everyone. Only follow the tips of those that have legit credits or results. Professionals. The rest you can follow just for the half nude bikini shots.

Creates a False Sense of Progress

I’m just like you where I double tap those awesome physiques of both men and women, of transformations, and great progress pics. But there are some people that I look at and wonder how long its taken them to get to this point, and when I profile stalk back to a year ago, it just doesn’t add up. A person will never say whether corners were cut, but sometimes you look at these people and think that your own progress sucks compared to their phenomenal progress. For some, it is easy to get discouraged, so I always suggest following some accounts where they are open and honest about their progress so you know you’re not alone.

#Fitspo is Dead

The pictures of their chiseled abs with words over top. The woman who is shredded and her caption is a paragraph of how she’s overcome such hardships (having a desk job 9-5) and trials (one time she pulled her hamstring and it hurt really bad). The picture of their glutes and a reminder that EVERY SINGLE DAY she is at the gym, killing it, no excuses, and no junk food because she’s more awesome than anyone you’ve met with a self control that is indestructible! Yeah no, I want to punch them sometimes too. But every single person on IG (yes, generalization) has done their fitspo pics or two, and it has completely killed the idea. What once was something that motivated, is now something we roll our eyes at. But double tap anyways because her abs really are impressive.


Here are some of our picks for profiles to follow, including Spot Me Girl’s!

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  1. Instagram is a joke to anyone who …
    A. Trains for real
    B. Knows ANYTHING about eating and training and
    C. Can spot PHOTOSHOP from a mile away.
    I am a PROFESSIONAL figure competitor and I would rather die than give away the TRUTH as to what it takes to be a NATURAL PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDER. It took me YEARS, a decade, to achieve a body that looks like it belongs on a podium winning, all the time, not just 1 day a year. You would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands, it has been THAT much work and effort.
    Anyone who has trained their way to THE TOP is not on IG giving that sh*t away for free.
    Oh and all those females are ON DRUGS as well.
    Unless they can say they are NATURAL they are running cycles to not only gain but to lean out.
    NPC is NOT TESTED which means ALL THOSE GIRLS ARE ON DRUGS. This is a KNOW FACT in the bodybuilding world. That league is as DIRTY as it gets.
    Hence the fact these ladies compete ONCE and never again, they were never really that fit to begin with. Sh*t is all smoke and mirrors and it has DESTROYED the gym environment.
    I have been working in gyms for 20 YEARS now and I am ‘only’ 38 so I am not ‘old school’ I am just old enough to know BS when I see it.
    And that is what Instagram is, pretty photo shopped BULLSH*T.
    Telling women they will get glutes with booty bands but without eating lots if carbs?!? Lmfao. Utterly RIDICULOUS.
    A sh*t show of the blind leading the blind.
    Just admit you all want one thing…ATTENTION.

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