Stop Working out Because You Hate Your Body

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Take a moment to think about why you began working out. The majority of you will probably have the same answer: You didn’t like something about your body. Am I right? Come on, we’re all women!

Don’t get me wrong, it shows great perseverance when a person actively tries to change something he or she is not happy with. However, constant negative feelings towards your body is unhealthy and should not be your source of motivation to change it.

I’ll admit it, I tend to focus on parts of my body I want to change the most. And yes, I’m going about it the wrong way. On more than one occasion, fixating over my so-called flaws has made me feel unmotivated to the point of completely skipping a workout. And where’s the logic in that?

Enough is enough! It’s time to change that mindset. Your workouts are a positive part of your life. Start associating them with loving your body and then they won’t suck so much. Instead of dreading my next workout, I remember, I workout because…

1. It Makes My Body Healthy

*Drum Roll* Did you know that working out actually makes your body healthier? I know, it’s crazy! Right off the bat, you’re reducing your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and the list goes on. Regular exercise means you’re more likely to live a longer, healthier life. And who doesn’t want that?

I mean who loves their body when it’s making them feel like shit? If more time sweating it out in the gym means less time curled up in bed with the flu, an hour of hard work doesn’t seem so bad. I’d take gym face over flu face any daygiphy2. It Makes My Body Powerful

Look, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. Her dad actually encouraged her to run on the treadmill while singing. And today, she can perform two-hour shows involving crazy dance routines while singing. I know, there’s only one Beyonce. However, no matter what your body goals are, exercise can help you achieve them.

If you want incredible stamina like Beyonce, cardio can help. If you fancy yourself as more of an Arnold, pump some iron for increased strength. Either way, exercise is an awesome tool for molding your body into a powerhouse.Powerful3. It Gives My Body Energy to Do More Fun Stuff

Regular exercise boosts energy levels and helps fight fatigue. Now, I know it may not feel that way after completing a mega fat burning circuit, but sooner or later, you’ll notice your endurance improving throughout the day.

Exercise gives your body more energy to do more fun stuff. Think of it like this: The more squats you do, the lower you’ll be able to drop it at the club; the more shoulder presses you do, the longer you’ll be able to hold your hands up curling your hair for a night out; the more walking lunges you do, the longer you’ll be able to walk around in heels without hating your life. anigif_enhanced-28390-1403198475-1

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4. It Reminds Me How Awesome I Am

We all doubt ourselves at times. People or that little voice in our heads tell us we’re going to fail, and we question our abilities. When you feel like you’re losing, exercise is your answer.

When you first started working out, you could only run so fast for so long before you were short-winded. When you first started lifting weights, you probably felt like you’d never get to use the 45 pound plates, right? But a couple of weeks or months later, you continued to ignore that doubt and pushed through. You grew a little stronger each time. And slowly but surely, your body proved it was capable of doing things you never thought possible.

If your body is capable of doing these things at the gym, can you imagine all the other things it’s capable of? Plus, how secretly awesome does it feel to smugly tell someone that crazy amount of weight you lifted the other day? Yeah, Lisa just got a promotion, and Ashley bought a new house, but can either of them squat 145 pounds? Nope, didn’t think so.Awesome5. It Improves My Mental Health and Makes Me Less Angry

Exercise releases chemicals into your brain that make you feel good, boosts your confidence, and gives you a sense of self-worth. Working out and taking care of your body ultimately leads to a happier mind. Do you have a miserable co-worker, friend, or family member? Does this person regularly hit the gym? Regular exercise is not going to fix all of the problems in your life, but it sure can help.

Working out also makes you a less angry person. What better way to take out pent up anger than with throwing around some heavy shit? So, next time you’re pissed off about someone or something, hit the gym. Afterwards, you’ll feel a sense of relief.

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6. It Makes Me Smile

There’s nothing worse than looking at yourself and not liking what you see. Studies have shown that exercising regularly helps improve your body image even if its appearance hasn’t changed.

Many women let their body insecurities or that number on the scale (why I ditched the scale) stop them from heading to the gym. But those thick thighs and big booty totally look awesome in gym gear. So throw on some spandex, power out some squat jumps, and you’ll instantly feel better about yourself. Nobody has ever regretted a workout.
smile7. It Gives Me an Excuse to Go Shopping

The more you workout, the more of an excuse you have to buy new clothes. Yep, it’s a totally legitimate reason to go shopping. Buying new clothes makes a person feel snazzy. Go rock those new kicks, tight leggings, and badass racer tanks.

Shopping is also like an extra cardio session.tumblr_niwf9lBNff1qjshvjo1_400

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