How Positive Thinking and Mood Change Can Maximize Your Fitness Potential

Use positive thinking to achieve your goals!

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Some people want rock hard six pack abs while others just want to feel healthy and comfortable in their own skin. This simple guide will lay the foundation to changing your body and mindset to ensure your success in 2017!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of health and fitness information out there- you’d think that getting results was rocket science! It seems like every other week a new diet or exercise fad is being promoted, with each one being more extreme than the next. The truth is that changing your body is as easy as one, two, three once you have the right information!

Before we begin…
Weight loss and body transformation isn’t always an easy process. Often times this isn’t because the steps to success are complicated. It’s based on the fact that who we are inside is often reflected in our habits surrounding food. Whether you have ten pounds or 100 to lose without that internal component you’ll never be satisfied no matter how great your body looks!

Start by staying positive. Do not berate yourself for getting to this point- you’re here so let’s use that energy in a productive way instead! Quit saying “never” “can’t” “should”. Remove them from your vocabulary. Start by congratulating yourself for taking your health seriously. Unfortunately many people don’t even get this far so you’re already ahead of the game! Change is challenging for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be rewarding and absolutely worth it.


Making it Happen
Success doesn’t occur by accident. You need to make reaching your goals a priority and in order to do that you need boundaries. Our minds work much better when we commit to ourselves on a daily basis. Follow these quick and simple guidelines and hold yourself accountable for reaching the next step on your fitness journey!

Set a deadline:
Write down the day and time when you’ll have reached your goal. Not “next month” or “this summer”. We’re talking day, month, year and TIME. This will make the goal concrete in your mind so you can’t back out.

Buy yourself a nice new journal and start writing. Reflect each night for 5 minutes about your day. List at least three things that you’re grateful for every day. Talk to yourself, give pep talks, write out your zany dreams…connect with YOU because that’s what health and fitness is all about. Once we become aware of our bodies and how they work it’s imperative to keep the line of communication open.

Keep Your Vision

A vision board is a collage that includes words, pictures and anything that inspires you. Think of this is your “craft guilt-free” card- grab a glue stick and start working!

Creating a vision board is a great way to remind yourself of your goals in an easy, accessible way. Before you begin remember to include only positive goals- kick out that negativity! Include phrases and pictures that align to your ultimate goal. Place it in a spot where you can see it everyday to help you stay on track.

You’ve got some work to do but with persistence and positivity everything you see before you will soon be a reality! Keep a journal of your successes and gratitudes that you can review daily. This will allow you to be thankful for your present while planning for an even better future.

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