We’re Not Always Training for a Damn IFBB Show

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If you’re a woman who knows how to lift weights or generally goes hard as a mofo in the gym, no matter which one you’re at, you’ve probably been in this situation:

You’re sweating profusely, makeup dripping, your hair is a disaster, and you’re talking yourself through the last set when that gawking creeper walks across the gym, straight towards you. giphyAs you wrap up your workout, avoiding awkward eye contact, he motions to take off your head phones. Cringing inside, you reluctantly remove them, and then out comes that six-word question from his stupid mouth: “Are you training for a show?”for fucks sakeNext thing you know, you’re escorted out of the gym for bashing him over the head with a 35 plate, and your membership is revoked for life.

Okay, just kidding. However, a chick who knows how to lift a weight correctly is not always training for a show. A girl with chronic bitch face isn’t always chronically bitchy. A girl who looks good lifting weights isn’t always training for a show.

There are so many different types of strong, powerful, and athletic women working towards their own personal fitness goals. When you know how to properly execute an upright row, it doesn’t mean you’re working to be an IFBB pro.

Not every woman in the kitchen counting her macros and weighing food is working towards a title. Just like not every woman smashing personal records in a CrossFit box is training to become the next Camille.Camille-Leblanc-Bazinet-Training


The same goes for women gettin’ their Zumba on. They’re not trying to outdo Gina Grant, most are just trying to get their dance on.zumbaSo, why is this annoying? Because this question has nothing to do with how hard you’ve worked or how much stronger you’ve grown. It’s asked because of the way you look.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a compliment to all women. Especially to those who are not training for a very low amount of body fat. That requires counting every single calorie you put into your mouth and excessive amounts of cardio. 

We live in a shallow world where people’s success is based on the way they look. But what about others who are just trying to do it for themselves? Every dedicated person putting in  blood, sweat, and tears should be praised for it, not just the ones who have a couple thousand followers on Instagram.

To compete, you must have a great deal of mental and physical strength, there’s no denying that. However, a different type of strength is required for someone who is not training towards aesthetics.

Holley Mangold can rep out a 200lb clean and jerk with ease. She has also competed in The Olympics. Does Holley look bikini competition ready? mangoldLuckily, society has become more accepting of the growing number of women who want strong, muscular physiques and rather rock Nikes than heels.

However, many still continue to categorize us into one big family of #fitspo and #IFBB. Well, not all of us are about that life.

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