Discover knowledge on all things fitness with our selection of articles. We’ve covered everything, from cardio to muscle building, to keep you informed and busy in the gym. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, or are after more information on workout recovery, you’ll find something helpful in our collection of fitness articles.

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The Big Fat Lies Sold to Women by The Diet And Fitness Industry

Ladies, not only are we living longer than before, we are expected to look younger, fitter, and better than ever.…

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Need Some Fitness Inspiration? These Are the Gals to Follow on Instagram!

Ever get stuck in a rut when it comes to your fitness routine? Sometimes, we just need a little fitness…

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The 7 Biggest Fakes In The Fitness Industry

Don’t believe everything you read online. You’ve probably heard this countless times. And when it comes to your health and…

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9 Things You Need To Add To Your Fitness Bucket List

A bucket list is all about facing your fears or trying something amazing before “kicking the bucket.” I challenge you…

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The Top 10 Strongest Women Throughout History

These famous female lifters have shaped the course of history for women by proving weightlifting is not just for the boys. These fabulously…

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