How Long Should You Wait Before Seeing Fitness Results?


So, you’ve been working out for a while, and you want to see some progress. The question now is when are you gonna start seeing progress? Well, let’s see what you need to do for the progress to start showing.

1. Don’t Draw Out Your Gym Stay

Newbie gym goers tend to think more time in the gym equals more muscles. This is not entirely true.

You should strive to keep your workouts short and sweet (about 45 minutes long). After that, your body’s testosterone levels decline while cortisol levels start to peak. This is counter-productive if you want to build muscle, because testosterone is crucial to this. And no, you won’t look like this.

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2. Keep Intensity High

Wether your overall fitness goal is to build the body of your dreams or to just get a beach-ready summer bod, you have to keep your training intensity high. In order for your muscles to grow, you need to achieve mechanical and metabolical overload. Which means you need to train more and spend less time browsing your Instagram feed between sets.

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After busting out an epic workout, you should allow your body at least 48 hours of rest. It’s called “high intensity” for a reason, don’t force your body to go into overdrive when it’s not ready. Rest days are necessary for growth.


3. Increase the Challenge Gradually

After the initial few months of working out, your muscles will get comfortable doing the exact same exercise all the time, thus halting your fitness progress. So, how do you stop your muscles from getting bored?

Gradually increase your challenge. Add extra weight, add extra reps to your set, introduce new workouts. Do anything that will put your body in a state it is not familiar with. Doing so will force your body to create new muscle tissues. Also it will improve your endurance as well, which is great for working out and maybe even improving your cardio.

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If you work out on a frequent basis while maintaining a proper diet, you’ll start seeing results after the first few weeks. Normally you experience a 10% increase in lifting each month for about six months. That’s called “starting gains.” After that period, you will have to increase the challenge to keep the strength coming. That’s because the body has reached it’s starting peak, and you will have to push harder to get more results by the same proportion.

In terms of muscle growth, you will more than likely need at least six weeks of targeted training to see visible results. Either way, stick to your routine while keeping in mind everything mentioned above.

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The frustrating thing about fitness is that you need to work your ass off to see results. Even when taking in account “starting gains,” you need to hit the gym regularly and intensely before you can see fruits of your labor.

However, that’s also the beauty of it. You put in the hard work and the constant hours and gym soreness but get to see the results. It’s a bumpy road but you get where you’re going at the end.

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