The Sexiest Fitness Mannequin Challenge You Will Ever See


YouTubers can often be a selfish bunch, but in among the bad apples are a few good eggs, and Bradley Martyn is one of them.

While others may seek to use their social media fame for the forces of evil and care solely about themselves, Martyn is one of those always looking to give back to the community.

The Sexiest Fitness Mannequin Challenge You Will Ever See 2

So, when the Mannequin Challenge recently garnered some notoriety for groups of people holding a set of poses for a prolonged amount of time, Bradley obviously thought: “Hey, there’s a lesson to be learnt here!”

Obviously, it’s difficult to study the human anatomy in all its glory while still alive. Usually, we’re consigned to eyeing up skeletons or fake dummies in school, or else we’d need to oggle just about any fit figure willing to let us at the gym, as not many people like to be stared at.

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But thanks to Martyn, the Mannequin Challenge has been put to good use, and his video features two guys and four girls going at it hard for the good of mankind.

In the gym, that is.

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Thanks to him, we’ve now got 60 seconds of the hottest most informative video analysis of the human frame in a fit state, which of course benefits the fields of science and general health in a major way.

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God, I love science.

In al seriousness, though, Martyn has gathered some fit individuals for his amalgamation of skin, sweat and pre-workout, and it all culminates in one fairly impressive freeze frame.

Out of all the poses struck, this one, however, has to be my favourite. That face you pull when you see your gym crush and immediately straddle your legs between two rings to display what a fine bearer of children you’d be.


And then there’s the man himself, of course.

Not only did Martyn do us the honour of bringing this collection of muscle together, but he even bosses his way into the mix by casually pause-benching a couple of 70kg girls.


Fair enough, the size of the two ladies may not make it the most impressive physical feat you’ll see on YouTube today, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t at least look cool.

And then there’s the cream of the crop. The belle of the ball, one might say. Just what is this blonde bombshell doing? Bent-over row? Stiff-legged deadlifts? The truth is nobody really knows, and I’ve forgotten what the original question was.


The mannequin challenge is a very crass and self-indulgent display of “selfie culture” in a way, with many choosing to utilise these minute-long pose-offs as a chance to put themselves out there, but not Bradley.

No, instead, what we’ve seen here is obvious proof that suggests Martyn cares as much about the advancement of the human race and our understanding of biology as he does about his fitness (which is a considerable amount).

God bless you, Bradley Martyn, and your assortment of fit babes.–cbg

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