10 Annoying Side Effects Of Lifting Weights

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Ladies, an active lifestyle means feeling awesome and looking great. But alas, there’s no rose without a thorn. If you work out regularly, these 10 side effects have probably caused a little pain and suffering at least once in your life.

Here Are 10 Annoying Side Effects Of Lifting Weights: 

1. Laundry

Laundry is the neverending story of your life. The amount of time laundry is avoided correlates to the depth you are willing to dig in your drawer or closet for gym attire. Juicy Couture sweatpants and Hollister shirts from the eighth grade see the light of day once again. 


2. Mangy Mitts

When you’re repeatedly picking up and putting down heavy shit, your nail polish doesn’t stand a chance. As a fit chick, manicure upkeep is fighting a losing battle. Calloused hands, smashed fingers, chipped polish, and broken/lost fingernails are the tradeoff for an athletic lifestyle.


3. Troll Feet

And while we’re on the topic of extremities, let’s talk about your busted up feet. The calluses on your feet are so thick, you could run barefoot through a forest without a problem. Filing those suckers down is a workout for the poor pedicurist.


4. Perpetually Hungry

You’re pretty much always in a constant state of hunger. People will often ask questions like, “Do you ever get full?” or “Didn’t you just eat” You’re always eating on the go. Just like Sam-I-Am in Dr. Seuess’s Green Eggs and Ham, you’re willing to eat in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse. You will eat here and there; you will eat anywhere! After creating a hostile work environment due to being hangry, HR and your boss finally approved your two lunch breaks. 


5. Where Did The Time Go?

A one-hour workout takes longer than one hour. The time you drive to the gym, check in, find a locker, change, workout, stretch, shower, change again, eat a post-workout snack, and drive home, it becomes more like a three-hour workout. It’s a process!


6. Nomadic Ways

Everywhere you go, you’re hauling around your purse, gym bag, and a day’s worth of food. Always traveling with so much sh*t makes you feel like a nomad. If you’re a particularly busy individual, the trunk of your car probably contains a collection of sweaty gym clothes that will sit until the next laundry day.


7. Potty Breaks

“Didn’t you just go to the bathroom?” Yeah and I’m probably going to have to go again in 45 minutes. When you’re sweating and rehydrating constantly, you’re going to pee like a pregnant lady. No, you don’t have a bladder infection, and no, nothing is standing on your bladder. You just polished off a half gallon of water during your two-hour workout.


8. Nappy Head

Between all the running, hiking, biking, swimming, and lifting, your hair usually looks like a rat’s nest. And why bother wasting time doing it when you know it’s going to get f*cked up within the next 12 to 24 hours? The Solution: A messy bun or ponytail for every occasion. Since you’re always in need of a hair tie or clip, your collection of hair accessories is gradually decreasing. You’re not sure where the hell they go. Maybe to start a new life with a new head of hair? 


9. Wardrobe Tweaks

Broader shoulders might mean going up a size in jackets and fitted tops. A smaller waist, rounder behind, and shapely quads make finding skinny jeans an absolute nightmare. Non-stretch denim is not even an option anymore. Finding a properly sized bra is always a little confusing because now you have pecs and lats to account for.

10. The Aches And Pains

You try not to be a complainer, but you can’t help it when you wake up feeling like you were hit by a bus. By now, your roommate and co-workers are used to the Quasimodo limp and moans and groans post-ballbusting workout.


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