The Huge Problem With Size Discrimination in the Fitness Industry

What’s the one thing all women have in common? Our eternal loathing of douchebags who refuse to respond to our messages forcing us to break into their house to check they’re ok, and then having the audacity to call the cops. That, and diversity.

We come in all shapes and sizes, as nature intended. This is even more evident in the world of fitness. Here, we range from tiny delicate looking gymnasts, who can out-lift most SpotMeBro male readers to bodybuilders so huge they have their own gravitational pull. So why is size discrimination still so rife in the fitness apparel industry?

Stop Size Discrimination: Fit Comes In All Sizes

Female Olympian bodies

There’s no denying it; fit women look best with their clothes on the floor. For the rest of us mere mortals, workout clothing is non-negotiable. Even with industrial strength sports bras, our boobs haven’t yet conveniently shrunk so we can do bent-over rows and deadlifts without giving ourselves black eyes. We know we have an extra bit of junk in our trunks, and the entire car for that matter.

That’s why having something flattering to wear to the gym can bolster a fragile our non-existent confidence. When those clothes are suitable for purpose, trendy and affordable, it is even better. For the ability to ditch the men’s joggers and T-shirts, we’re willing to reward retailers by parting with the kind of money we previously reserved for heels and handbags.

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Yet it remains difficult to find gym clothing over a size 12-14 in many stores. The average dress size of American women is now 14 -16, so why the disparity? Many women are clamoring for gym gear but plus size features a dismal selection. Often the only option is to order online where the colors, styles and fit are uninspiring to say the least, and the cost exorbitant.

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When we’ve had the first black president and will soon have the first orange one, it is astounding America is still so prejudiced. To be fair, it’s not just America that engages in such wanton size discrimination. There seems to be a widespread refusal of well-known brands, such as Lululemon (Canadian), Sweaty Betty (British) and Lorna James (Australian), to embrace the plus sized market. They say demand is low. So, is it simply economics?

The only BS I need is bags and shoes

Anyone else smell the Trump here? Statistics show 64% of American women are obese or overweight. Surely, we’re not all sat at home eating donuts! Something isn’t adding up! When figures show more women of all sizes are engaging in all types of physical activities, this blatant disregard and disdain for anyone over a size 12 is sizeism at its ugliest.

Women are walking into stores motivated to equip themselves to enjoy exercise and walking out dejected. The small-minded business practice of wanting to promote a certain image shows how negatively larger women are viewed by the industry. How dare they discriminate and body shame us? How can they tell us fit doesn’t come in sizes bigger than a 12!

Warning poster about ideas of beauty

Fitness is about empowering and improving ourselves, not tearing down each other. Anything that stops women from participating is deeply hypocritical and unacceptable. Offending brands that refuse to cater for all sizes despite numerous calls from desperate women don’t deserve our money. They are no better than those stupid people who make fun of obese people in the gym.

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For the rest of us, a quick Internet search will show which brands are keen to have our business. Juno has some fantastic prints, goes up to 6X, and Lane Bryant has a line called Livi Active, which is getting terrific reviews. For more affordable products, check out JcPenney and Target.

Playboy Model Dani Mather Was Charged For Body Shaming

Playboy model Dani Mathers body shaming woman

As for the women who continue to patronize those traitorous brands, we’re equally guilty for breaking the girl code. Our support is the encouragement they feed on to continue to shame us all. Here’s hoping we never fall foul of their standards and find ourselves outside their ideal. When we don’t stand with our sisters against size discrimination and body shaming, we become part of the problem.

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