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I had the opportunity to speak with none other than Amanda Cerny, model, actor, and fitchick. If you don’t know her yet, you certainly will, given her extensive following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…the list keeps going. We wanted to pick her brain about how she maintains an awesome figure while being so insanely busy. This is what she had for us.

amanda cerny
amanda cerny

SMG: So Amanda, everyone has workout preferences; weightlifting, cardio, yoga…can you tell our readers what sort of workouts you prefer?
Amanda Cerny: Of course! I do High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. I do high intensity reps mixed with a short amount of low intensity. That way, I’m burning more calories in a shorter amount of time. Its the most efficient way of working out for me since I have such a demanding schedule.

SMG: Can you tell us about your diet and how you stay healthy?
AC: I’m vegan, so I eat a ton of plants! I mostly eat vegetables, but will eat some fruit to get going in the morning and to snack throughout the day. I get most of my protein from plant protein, and nuts. Nuts are a great source of good fats, but don’t overdo it, they are high in calories too! I do limit my soy intake to be healthy, eat a lot of beans and get a good amount of fiber in my diet.

amanda cerny
amanda cerny

SMG: You’re definitely a great poster model for being Vegan! How about supplements?
AC: I don’t take any supplements now, I really do get everything from my diet. Since I’m Vegan, I actually get blood tests about every 4 months to check on all my levels. I actually just did one and I’m…{laughs} sort of perfect!

SMG: That’s awesome! So, you mentioned you have a crazy schedule, can you give the Spot Me Girl readers some advice on staying in shape when you’re always busy?
AC: Yeah! Like I said, HIIT is such a great way to burn calories quickly, but people forget to really pay attention to their diet. Just because you work out a lot doesn’t mean you can eat a ton of junk food! If you really focus on your diet, you can drop weight. I’m big on eating healthy to feel healthy. I actually post a lot of my workouts on my Youtube channel, missamandacerny so others can follow my routines from their own home!

amanda cerny
amanda cerny

SMG: Thats about it, anything else to add?
AC: No, those were great questions! Thanks!
SMG: No, thank you!

Be sure to check out Amanda Cerny’s website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

amanda cerny
amanda cerny


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