The 25 Weirdest Fitness Products Out There

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

People will go to extreme lengths to lose weight – outside of the gym. We’ve gotten use to seeing people invent crazy exercises in the weight room, but we are really missing out on seeing what crazy inventions people are using other places. May we present exercise equipment that we consider just plain weird. For all those that believe lifting weights will make you look ridiculous and all.

The Bounce Back Chair
Quoted as being the exercise equipment for The Rest of Us! This thing is the equivalent of sitting on a mini trampoline all day, because your boss will certainly let you move this into your cubicle.

The Europlate Vibraslim
“Gosh, I wish there was a way to just sort of shake off all this access fat…wait a minute!”

Riding a non-existent horse has never been so fun, or such a workout! Oh and side-note: the cowgirl outfit is actually part of the exercise. What you do with the iGallop after your hoedown exercise is done, is up to you.

WiFi Body Scale
Desperately want to keep all of your Twitter followers in the loop on whether you’re getting fatter or not? Buy this scale and let it automatically tweet your devastating weight gain for you!

This actually isn’t weird at all. It’s the fastest way to sound out of breath to your clients and the best way to smell awful at the office.

Lady Elegance Slimtone Beauty System
See, to remove cellulite with this thing, you got to suction it. Suction it real good, see. Then you gotta roll it. Roll it on out, like this see. And then BOOM, no cellulite on them there pretty legs.

2-Step Under-Desk Dancercise for Feet
Direct quote: “Foot play while you work is a great way to exercise” I’m done over here.

This is used to treat eating disorders by comparing how quickly you’re eating your food to how “normal” people eat theirs. Because comparing oneself to another is the perfect way to combat a disorder that is derived from comparing oneself to another.

The Slendertone Bottom Toner
With 99 intensity levels, your bottom isn’t the only thing it’s looking to tone! (seriously, why are all the vibrating things for women?)

This is sort of genius actually. Hooks to your gaming system so when you stop moving, the game stops. Fat kids everywhere are about to get their sweat on!

Taizo the Robot
Taizo says, “drop and give me 50 burpees bitch!”

Hawaii Chair
This thing literally hulas around while you sit in it “working” your lower back. The key part of losing weight with this thing? The vomiting that the motion sickness causes. Better get the Mandometer ready!

The Shakeweight
I mean, do I even need to…

The Dumbbell Phone
All the teen girls out there are going to be straight up bicep shredded after they get this thing!

The Neckline Slimmer
Want flat abs, you do crunches. Want thinner thighs, you do ab/adductors. You want a thin neckline, um hello get the neckline slimmer! (none of the aforementioned is true and Spot Me Girl holds no liability for you thinking so)

Talking Hand Exerciser
It’s for, you know, when everything in your house is too heavy to move and you only have your grip strength to blame.

The ABhancer
Because when it comes to really working out for those abs, we tend to say “No one got time for that!”

Sit Fit Exercise Device
SKYMALL coming at you with the best of the best. Flip away from the All Edges Brownie Pan and turn the page to this magical machine that will keep your legs going all day till those quads be poppin’!

The Face Trainer
Because yes, even your face needs massive work.

The Rock and Go Exerciser
Like the iGallop, but for the serious non-horse user. All hands and feet on the rocker please!

The Peddler
The peddler is named for not being something you can peddle at all but stretches the feet. It’s sold alongside Handy Can bases and Walker Balls. You can guess how effective this is…

The Free Flexor
This is just one of those things you got to see instead of reading about…

Treadmill Bike
Screw either walking or riding a bike, burn double the calories by combining them! Walk your bike all over the town, don’t look ridiculous lifting those heavy weights ever again!

The Gazelle Freestyle
Pretty much, you just need to be this man to look super crazy on this thing. Trust us though, 10 minutes on here and you’ll feel like you’re galloping through the open lands of Africa.

Toning Shoes
NO! Just, NO!

Lets just establish that if you own any of these items…please take a video of yourself using it and send it in to us. We’d love to see them all in their glorious, vibrating action!

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