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So, we rarely get “political” on here since we are about inducing camaraderie and fitness love, but since this topic has to do with gyms, and women in gyms, I wanted to share.

Planet Fitness, home of the “Judgement Free Zone”, revoked a woman’s membership because she complained about a man in the Women’s Locker Room. The “man” was a transgender woman named Carlotta Sklodowska who, while admittedly is still masculine and her appearance and stature, identifies as a female. Planet Fitness’ locker room policy is: whatever gender you feel you are, that’s the locker room you’re allowed to go in.
Here is everything reported on what Yvette Cormier, the women who complained, had to say:

The person was wearing a wig and “a little bit of blush,” but was “huge” and appeared “very manly,”…”I just stopped right there in my tracks…It was a man for sure.” {after approaching front desk and being told “if you’re uncomfortable with that you can wait until he’s done in there”} “I stood back and said, ‘How about he waits until I’m done in the women’s locker room. Or get a unisex bathroom.’
“I wouldn’t have signed up for this gym if I knew that ahead of time,” Cormier said, adding that the gym is “failing to protect me if anything happens in those locker rooms with a man.”

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While many are applauding the gym for its tolerant policy and revoking her policy due to the “inappropriate nature in which she complained”, others are concerned what such an ambiguous policy could do for the safety of women at the gym.

While we can’t help but see the irony that the gym who judges those who are “intimidating lifters”, is so liberal with their locker room policies, we’re wondering if the best solution would be to have a third locker room. Spot Me Girl has no comment. But, we’d love to hear yours!

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