Top 12 Flirty Fitness Dates


Couples who sweat together stay together. Additionally, ladies who hit the gym with bae can help avoid the average seven-pound weight gain in the first year of their new relationship. It is possible to enjoy each other’s time together without getting too comfortable and letting yourselves go.


So, your average Friday night is spent pumping iron, you party less and Sundays are for sleeping in and meal prep. Alas! You’ve found a guy who gets you. So what’s a fit couple to do on Saturday when everyone else is out boozing it up? Here’s a dozen date ideas to share with your swolemate.

1. Farmers Market


Make like Leonardo DiCaprio and his fit model girlfriend Toni Garnn by exploring your local farmers market. Better yet, you can make a healthy meal together after scoping out the freshest produce. Get there early for the best selection. There’s nothing like broccoli, cauliflower and green beans to keep the pounds away.

Pro tip: Admire the fresh cut flowers, and maybe he’ll be a gentleman and spring for your favorites.


2. Stand-Up Paddleboarding


Live near a lake or ocean? Chances are there is a paddle company to rent you a paddle board. Water sports are a fun and therapeutic way to get outside and still be able to talk while you get in an ab workout.

Pro tip: Stand up paddleboarding is much easier than surfing and you will still get to channel your inner surfer girl à la Marisa Miller. So, strip down to your favorite bikini, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

3. Spin Class


Maybe your guy hates cardio, so put a new spin on the ho-hum treadmill routine and take an indoor cycling class together. Studios like Flywheel let you put your stats on the board, so you can actually race your boo. Even more addictive? Instructors play the hottest music, so you feel like you’re in a club spinning to the beats of your favorite artists.

Pro tip: Check out Ariana Grande’s “Side To Side” music video. Her outfit is so #spinclassgoals. I literally can’t even! Although you may have to ditch the heels, the rest is totally doable. Don’t forget to put your hair half-up and bring dry shampoo for post-spin class coffee.

4. Horseback Riding

There is a reason princes and romance novel heroes are stereotyped riding a white horse and carrying their princess off into the sunset—it’s so damn sexy! Equally sexy? A woman who isn’t afraid of being in control of a beautiful, powerful animal.

Pro tip: Fake it ’til you make it. Never ridden before? Let your instructor or guide know, and they will pair you with a gentle, easy-going horse who is more worried about nibbling on the trees than thinking about running or bucking. Promise.

5. Attend a UFC Fight


The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas often looks more like an awards show than a fight arena. High-profile fights have the ability to stop time. So why the hype? People are drawn to a sport with gladiator-like similarities. Your honey is sure to love to witness the blood, sweat and tears while rooting for his favorite fighter. Can’t make it to Vegas? Look for a charity match in your area.

Pro tip: There is something much more glamorous about attending Fight Night than your typical Sunday night football game. Take advantage of the ambiance, and make sure you’re a technical knockout in a killer cocktail dress and your highest heels. We bet your date doesn’t even pay a second glance to the scantily clad ring girls.

6. Couples Massage or Cryotherapy Session


So maybe your boo isn’t cut out for a full day at the spa. But what man can resist a massage? Even if you don’t find anything particularly romantic about lying next to your honey while you get your own sore muscles worked on, you’ll both be in peak condition come Monday.


Feeling adventurous? Head on over to a cryotherapy chamber, and prepare to endure freezing temperatures together in attire more suited for the beach than negative 166 degrees!  Among the laundry list of benefits cryotherapy is believed to produce are faster recovery and reduced inflammation in the body.

Pro tip: Warm up faster post-freeze sesh by snuggling up to your sweetie.

Read on for six more top-notch date ideas.


7. Paintball


Save the wine and paint night for your girlfriends. Your guy is much more likely to enjoy a little paintball. Plus you’ll look cute in camo.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re on his team! Getting hit hurts and can even leave a bruise. Plus, protecting each other from the bad guy is more of a relationship aphrodisiac than being hunted!

8. Play With Man’s Best Friend


If either of you have a dog of your own, take it for a walk, teach it a new trick or go to the dog park together. Don’t have a dog? Check with your local shelter to see if you can volunteer to exercise one of their shelter animals.

Pro tip: Bae doesn’t even like dogs? Ummm….maybe try the zoo?


9. Theme Park

Think the theme park is just for kids? Think again. An amusement park is a great date for couples even if one of you isn’t an adrenaline junkie. You will have time to talk while waiting in line for rides, and maybe he can even win you that cute teddy bear.

Pro tip: If you or your date have never been on a big coaster, try to muster up the confidence just once. The adrenaline is a rush, and you might even end up going back for more!

10. Race Track


Fast cars aren’t just for boys. Race car drivers need to be in peak physical condition to handle powerful cars at high speeds without feeling like their arms belong to SpongeBob Squarepants. So show your date your guns and plan a time when you can test drive a supercar at your city’s racetrack. You can also check google for individuals with exotic car test drive experiences for a more economical experience.

Pro tip: You might want to have your teeth whitened before you go, because you’re going to have a hard time not smiling the entire time.

11. Night Swim


There’s something sensual about water—particularly at night. If you’re fortunate enough to live by the ocean, go for a dip in the evening. There is a golden hour before the sun sets when the warm color of the sun will turn your couple selfie into #relationshipgoals.

Pro tip: Don’t live near the ocean? Find a local pool that is open late. Oftentimes hotels or clubs have rooftop pools perfect for taking a night swim.

12. Indoor Sky Diving


Want to feel like you’re flying without jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet? Get your wings at an indoor skydiving center like iFLY. The company has more 37 locations worldwide and growing.

Pro tip: Participants must weigh less than 250 pounds. If your boyfriend is a bodybuilder in off-season, you might want to make sure he doesn’t tip the scales.

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