How Unflattering Angles Made This Model an Instagram Hit

How this fit chick became Instagram famous.

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You may know her as the girl who changed her whole body and lifestyle by her own means, or as the creator of the Fit Body Guides. Or maybe, like most people, you discovered her Instagram account when an unflattering picture of her unflexed stomach went viral. Anna Victoria has dedicated herself to helping women achieve happiness and their fitness goals in a very realistic and healthy way.

After moving to China in 2012, Victoria was forced into a healthy lifestyle as she was facing very serious health issues. Swapping her greasy take-outs for home cooked veggies and lean meats was no easy task, and desperately seeking support, she forced her husband to participate. After about six weeks of eating healthy and working out regularly, Victoria could not believe the changes she was feeling both internally and externally.

Not only was her body taking shape, but she also felt light and energetic for the first time. But it wasn’t until her Instagram account exploded with followers begging to know how she did it, that she decided to start researching and studying fitness and became certified.



Victoria later released her own training program called the Fit Body Guide. It consists of three strength training days per week and three cardio days per week. Weight training is something Victoria battled to wrap her head around at first, as she feared becoming big and bulky like many other women fear. However, after seeing her friend compete in a bikini competition, she adopted the technique.


Her strength training workouts consist of a high-intensity, 30-minute program each day to keep the heart-rate elevated and build lean muscle without the bulging. With this, she is not only helping women reach their goals, but also defeating the myth behind weight training. Muscle is a very important factor when trying to shape and tone one’s body, and weight training is essential.


Apart from busting this myth, Victoria is also exposing the reality behind the fitness lifestyle. Most other girls in the industry only show the perfectly toned, bronzed, flexed photos of themselves, whereas this is not how they look most of the time.

Victoria believes that to keep girls motivated, they need to see that there are girls in the industry who are fit but still have a normal stomach when they sit down. It is too easy to give up when your efforts don’t meet the sculpted goddesses you see on the internet.


Victoria encourages balance in her programs, following the 80–20 rule. This means 80% of the time you eat healthily and train hard, but you leave that other 20% to let loose and enjoy life. Yes, it’s admirable to give 100% all the time, but this is exhausting and barely sustainable, and at some point, you are bound to fall off the wagon and spin into the complete opposite lifestyle.

This is also why she does not give any time indications on her guides. Every person’s journey is different and each body will respond differently. There are too many factors to take into consideration, and putting a timeline on the guides might only discourage girls when they do not see results within the period.


But what is possibly more inspiring than her very unflattering, exposing selfies and her determination to break myths and empower women, is the fact she did it first, and she did it alone. She had no choice but to start leading a healthy lifestyle, and she took her exercise into her own hands. She transformed her body and her life with only the minimum knowledge, and the persistence to keep at it until she saw a change.


This is why she firmly believes anyone can do it. Our bodies are designed to be malleable. If you are a human being, you can lose weight. If you find yourself busting your butt every day and not making any progress, then perhaps you are investing your time and energy in the wrong methods. Perhaps now is the time to change.

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