4 Tips For Hitting On Girls At The Gym…The Right Way

Up your game to get her name.

Hit On Gym Hotties

Do you want to talk to big booty Judy, your gym crush cutie, but don’t know how to go about it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to hit on girls at the gym without being a giant douche about it.

Many guys go to the gym with their peacock feathers spread, their lips flappin’, and their eyeballs practically buggin’ out as they scope out chicks. This is a huge no-no. Girls don’t react positively to “gym creeps.” And that’s exactly what you’ll be if you take that approach.

Instead, follow these simple tips and you might just find yourself doing a different kind of workout after the gym.

Tips For Hitting On Girls At The Gym

4. Don’t Interrupt Her Workout

This is the first and most egregious error many guys make in the gym. They feel like they must make a move as soon as possible or they’ll miss their chance. Unfortunately, hitting on a girl while she’s working out is worse than just missing the chance at talking to her.

Women don’t like to be bothered, especially when they’re doing something sweaty and uncomfortable in public. Most likely she doesn’t feel pretty at the moment, and her focus surely isn’t on some creepy knob goblin who thinks it’s acceptable to hit on girls mid-set.

You’ll be dismissed quicker than how long it takes you to decide to skip leg day.

The key to talking to women at the gym non-creepily, assuming they haven’t come up to you first, is to catch them after they’re done working out. Ideally, you want to catch them off to the side somewhere in a more private setting.

Of course, this can be pretty tricky to time. Especially when you don’t want to get caught staring as you wait for her to get done exercising.

Another solid way to initiate conversation is to catch her between sets. But this must be done organically. Meaning, you catch her at the water fountain, grabbing a fresh training towel, the drink machine, stretching area, etc.

The important thing to remember is, DO NOT INTERRUPT HER WORKOUT.

3. Workout First

Hey, here’s a novel idea. How about you concentrate on your [email protected]*king workout first? You know, the whole reason you’re at the gym in the first place? To put things mildly, if you’re only at the gym to hit on girls, no advice in the world will help you. You’re a tool. Don’t be that guy.

So, the right move would be to train your ass off like you planned. Hopefully, your gym crush notices your hard work and might even want to talk to you when you’re done. And chances are good that if you’re in the gym busting your meat and potatoes, she’ll have noticed you just like you’ve noticed her.

Now that’s something you can work with.

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2. Don’t Show Off

Remember how you decided to go ahead and actually workout instead of grossly staring at random girls as they do squats? Well, here’s something to remember; don’t try to show off. It can be hard not to when you are hitting a heavy set on the bench and notice your crush watching from a distance.

But trust us, switching to ego lift mode is another bad move.

Other than possibly hurting yourself by lifting more than you can, you’ll also hurt your pride. Even if you do manage to lift the way too heavy and most definitely unplanned amount of weight, your form most likely looks like complete cat poop.

You might think you’re impressing her, but in reality, you’re just making yourself look like a fool with your stupid grunting, premature ejaculation face, and half-reps. As a matter of fact, don’t ever ego lift – girl or no girl.

1. Compliment Her Like a Gentleman

Here’s a crazy idea, but bear with us here… Instead of walking up to a girl in the gym, scanning her from head-to-toe like she’s a new Ferrari, then spouting some terrible pick-up line, try being genuine.

There’s no need to put on this big production to let her know what your intentions are. She’s a girl – she’s been dodging stray wieners most of her life. She knows what you want the moment you stepped to her.

The best way to talk to her is to be direct, polite, and sincere. Don’t call her sexy, or hot, or bonertastic. Just let her know you are interested in getting to know her. Tell her that you think she’s pretty and that you admire the hard work she’s putting in (note: do not say this in a creepy way).

Giving the right compliments can take you far. But more importantly, she needs you to be yourself. There’s such a lack of genuine guys out there these days that women get caught off guard when they meet a real one.

She’ll instantly find you more attractive if you’re honest and say what you mean from the start.

Also, being genuine means you aren’t going the other extreme either; you aren’t telling her she’s breathtakingly beautiful or that she makes your heart sing and your boner squeal at the sight of her. She’ll see right through that mess too. Most girls hate fake guys. And if the one you talk to doesn’t, she’s not the chick for you anyway.

We hope these simple tips help some of you wannabe Casanovas. And if you were just looking for ways to pick up a chick to smash and go, you don’t need advice for that. Just be rich and/or handsome.

But if you want to make a real connection, remember to do these three things: be nice, be polite, and be yourself. These will take you a long way in both life and love.

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