Inspirational Anna Banks Defeats Confidence Struggles To Become Ms. Olympia Amateur Champion

The 30-year-old from Liverpool (UK) was once too embarrassed to wear a bikini due to body confidence issues. 

In a generation where fitness is becoming increasingly popular, it’s great to see more women fulfilling their ambitions of sculpting their perfect figure.

One of these females is Anna Banks, who became the 2017 Ms. Olympia in the amateur division.

Who Is Anna Banks

If you don’t follow female bodybuilding competitions, you might not be aware of who Anna Banks is.

Well, as we just mentioned, she’s the amateur Ms. Olympia 2017 and resides in Liverpool, UK. Anna spends her time between helping clients sculpt their dream figure, and battling for trophies on-stage as a competitor.

But Anna Banks hasn’t always had the best amateur female figure in the world. She was once extremely self-conscious and was too embarrassed to wear a bikini.

Reminiscing her past, Anna said:

“I was very body conscious and would always wear a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini as I wasn’t very happy with my body, especially my mid-section.

“I wouldn’t say I was out of shape, I just wasn’t completely satisfied with how I looked.

“I remember seeing these fitness models in magazines and thinking wow I wish I looked like that and is that even possible. This is what motivated me to start out on my own journey and see what I could achieve.”

Inspirational-Anna-Banks-Defeats-Confidence-Struggles-To-Become-Ms.-Olympia-Amateur-Champion-1*Anna Bank’s transformation. Photo Credit: @b4nksy1

British Champion and Ms Olympia Amateur In 1st Year of Competing

Once Anna embarked on her fitness journey and sculpted an incredible figure, she had a dream start to her competitive career.

In her debut year on-stage, Anna Banks managed to fill her trophy cabinet with the British Chapionship and Mr. Olympia Amateur trophies – not bad!

Speaking about her experience, Anna said:

“I’ve had some amazing experiences and massive achievements from this lifestyle. I managed to become British Champion and Ms Olympia Amateur in my first year of competing, earning me the coveted pro status.

“This, subject to qualifying events, has provided me with the opportunity to tug it out with the best of the best in the world on the bodybuilding super stage, Olympia, in Las Vegas.”

Inspirational-Anna-Banks-Defeats-Confidence-Struggles-To-Become-Ms.-Olympia-Amateur-Champion-2*Anna Banks after winning the Ms. Olympia Amateur. Photo Credit: @b4nksy

Anna’s Expert Advice To Beginners

Anna emphasises that anyone can work towards their dream and achieve their dream bikini body. And she recently gave her best advice to those looking at starting their own fitness journey.

One thing she strongly believes is that beginners should look at their journey as a marathon, instead of a sprint.

Anna Banks continued:

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t have to jump straight into a bodybuilder diet and start smashing weights six days a week.

“Start paying attention to what goes into your body, what you ear and when and start doing some sort of activity – literally anything.

“Once you get going, it gets easier and will just start to come to you naturally.”

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