This is What Really Goes Into a Jar of Nutella

Will you ever buy the devil’s spread again?


Have you ever thought about what the products you eat are made of? While it’s quite difficult to understand every ingredient you find on products’ labels—as some of them sound like unknown chemical formulas—at least some of the ingredients can be easily recognized.

Nutella, adored by million the world over, is one such product, and it turns out the hazelnut spread may not be as easy to fit into your macronutrients as was once thought.

As you can see, the five ingredients are cocoa, palm oil, hazelnuts, white sugar and skimmed milk. Yet, an even more shocking thing is that about half of its content is white sugar, while second place belongs to palm oil.

On the other hand, Nutella, which is made by Ferrero, neither agrees nor disagrees whether this image shows the truth. But the fact is on a Nutella jar you can find that one tablespoon (15g) of Nutella contains eight and a half grams of sugar. So, this means a 400g jar has as much as 227.2g of sugar.

Palm oil, which is also used in high quantities to prepare Nutella, is said to be needed because it creates a smooth texture. But it’s also the truth that palm oil is the cheapest oil you can buy on the market.

If Ferrero decided to use another oil to prepare Nutella, then it would cost an additional $8-22 million per year, so it’s a question whether palm oil is used because it’s the best oil to make Nutella tastier, or to make it cheaper to produce.

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The only two ingredients that are healthy if consumed moderately are hazelnuts and cocoa. While it also depends on the quality of these products, cocoa is known for containing a high amount of antioxidants, iron, magnesium and working as an anti- depressant.

This means cocoa isn’t an unhealthy product if you don’t consume it too often. While hazelnuts are beneficial because they provide vitamin E, increase endurance, boost brain functioning, help to prevent cancer, lower the chance of obesity and promote heart health.

Sadly, such products as skimmed milk, white sugar, and palm oil aren’t considered to be healthy. For example, while skim milk was popularized because it contains less fat, more and more researchers have started to believe skim milk is unhealthy.

This is because most people who buy fat-free products tend to consume more carb-rich junk foods, so it results in making people less healthy even if they try to be healthy by buying fat-free foods.

Another harmful product is palm oil, which is known for increasing the risk of heart disease, weight gain and a slower metabolism. This is caused by a high amount of saturated fat, which makes a huge part of palm oil.

Finally, white sugar is an empty calorie source, so if a person eats too many sugar-rich foods, the body may become deficient in minerals and vitamins. However, a special exception is for foods like fruit and honey because they contain lots of sugar but also have much-needed nutrients. So, if eaten in moderation, healthy foods containing sugar aren’t harmful.

Whether the image shows the real makeup of Nutella or not isn’t really important. You should allow yourself to eat whatever you want, but you also shouldn’t forget about your future goals so that you can further enjoy your fitness life.

See the video about shocking McDonald’s facts below:

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