10 Random Things Women Love That Fit Guys Do

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Here at Spot Me Girl, we like to pay homage to women and men alike. We know that our partners in crime, in the gym, and in life work just as hard as we do and we love it. Whether you’re just a friend or a bit more, there are a few things that us ladies can’t help but appreciate about you and its a bit more than just physical (although that plays a huge part).

1. Pretty Much Any Time You Take Your Shirt Off
I mean, c’mon, how could this not be said? In the house, outside, playing sports, at the grocery store. When you’re hot, quite literally no one will say anything if you’re walking around half naked.

2. When You Hold a Baby or Small Child
It doesn’t even matter if a woman doesn’t want kids, something about seeing a big man with a tiny person makes her loins ache a little and an “aww” dribbles from her lips. Along with drool.

3. Sweat Post-Workout
There is something so yummy about knowing you were just working hard on your body! Seeing a fit guy with some sweat dripping off his chin and a solid chest glistening…yes…yummy.

4. When You Effortlessly Pick Up Heavy Things
Especially if you do this in public. Our own Hercules, God of Hotness and Strength. Every woman secretly wants to scream “Look at my man!”. Home Depot trip anyone?

5. Hugs. Every Hug, All the Hugs
Do you even know what it feels like to feel your strong arms wrap around our bodies? You wouldn’t, but gosh we wish you knew. Even if we’re not tiny ladies, thats about the best time to feel like we are.

6. Wear a Nice Suit
The way a fit man fills out a suit, up top and down below, is one of the sexiest things ever. Absolutely true that what lingerie is to men, a tailored suit (on a strong man) is to women 😉

7. Do Something That Takes a Gentle Touch
Whether its helping us wrap presents or in regards to our bodies, knowing how strong of a brute you are makes your gentleness so exceptional. We know you’re focusing hard, and that is both sexy and cute.

8. Squat
Some would think this doesn’t need to be said since we’re talking fit guys, but there are plenty of fit men who don’t have a solidly nice booty. If you think we don’t appreciate a perky, round, taught rear…you’re incredibly mistaken.

9. Be a Real Gentleman
Wanting a nice guy goes without saying, but if a man is a true gentleman, and he looks amazing, there is literally no chastity belt strong enough to keep us from being all over you. Opening doors, walking curbside, saying yes ma’am to older women, helping said older woman cross the street!. Wow, I’m sorry, I was getting a little excited there…

10. Maintain Great Hair, Have Great Accessories
Not every man needs to be fashionable, but having a great haircut (whether its just keeping your simple mane well coiffed or having something totally unique to your personality) is so great. That, and any awesome accessories (glasses, watches, tattoos) makes you and your amazing body simply spectacular and it stands out. Don’t forget, the devils in the details. And yours certainly make us feel devilish.

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  1. I will take the logic a few steps UP to directly say what was intended with greater ease. A woman wants a dude that knows how to let the gym world be only a part of him instead of what defines him. Women love a guy that can wrestle with major pounds in a monster lift. They also notice the ability to turn it all off while offering an old lady his arm across the street or wrestling with the little doggie on the ground. In either world, you know his lift does not define him; it is a part of him. If the guys want to blow away the girls even more, watch the reaction of moms compete with their daughters when the guy can carry the little girl through a line dance and not want to be put back on her chair.

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