10 Reasons Why Couples That Lift Together Stay Together

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Relationships can be tough – you like staying in and he likes going out, he listens to rock, you listen to country. You get the drift. But when passions collide relationships can be totally awesome and none more so than couples who love to lift. Don’t believe me? Then check out 10 reasons why, below:

1. You’ve Already Seen Each Other At Your Worst
All sweaty and straining with veins popping out of your neck as you grunt your way through a training session, so that disgusting sickness bug that’s doing the rounds isn’t going to shatter any illusions when it comes knocking at your door.

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2. You Believe Your Partner When He Says He’s Doing a Late Night Gym Session
And why wouldn’t you? While everyone else is in bed they’ll have access to any machine or weight that their heart desires. Plus they can forget about that annoying moment when the guy who’s been loitering around them all evening asks “How many sets have you got left bro?”

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3. And You Don’t Get Jealous When They Check Out Chicks
Why? Because you’re checking them out too. Those quads on the girl with the blue shorts are pretty impressive and did you see her form when she did that deadlift? Hard work and dedication deserve admiration and who are you to deny that?

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4. You Understand and Respect Each Other’s Healthy Lifestyles
Your obsession with macros, food prep and Tupperware may not seem exciting to others, but when you bring home a new seasoning to flavour the 10th chicken breast of the week they totally get your enthusiasm.

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5. You’ll Never Feel Judged When it Comes to Cheat Days
You know – planning cheat days, dreaming about cheat days, talking about cheat days. To outsiders it might appear a tad bit obsessional, but what do they know?

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6. You Know Your Partner Appreciates You in No Makeup and Sweats
Your date nights mostly consist of extra long gym sessions and it’s the muscles that are hiding under the sweatpants that he finds attractive anyway.


7. They Flex Just As Much As You Do
And they’ll offer to take your progress shots while they compliment you on how big your biceps are getting – that’s if they aren’t too busy taking shots of themselves.

8. Birthday and Christmas Presents Are a No Brainer
Did someone say workout gear? Or how about a bulk load of protein powder? New headphones? Or the latest fitness gadget? Do I need to go on? You’ll never have to worry about receiving a pair of socks, unless they’re gym socks of course and then that’s totally fine.


9. You Guys Can Move a Whole House Together
Why? Because you’re both badass beasts with the capability of lifting any damn objects you want and you view each other as such. You can press more than his friend in the gym, so why would you need his help unloading the car? Relationships are all about equality, aren’t they?


10. Oh and Did I Mention the Sex?
Lifting equals more strength, stamina and body confidence. You know what your body is capable of so why not put it to good use elsewhere? But only if the DOMS haven’t set in yet, right?

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