10 Things Partners Should Know About Strong Women

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We love fit couples and people who love fit women, but there are always a few things to know when you’re with someone who is actually strong, both physically and mentally. While fit women aren’t so dramatically different from every other woman out there, we are definitely different in some regards. Check out this list and you’ll see!

1. We Don’t Always Need Your Help
If you absolutely need to feel like the strong person in every situation, you’ll feel emasculated by us. Not to say that we don’t need your help, but it isn’t constant. We know we can take care of ourselves, but we’ll let you know how appreciated you are still.

2. We Aren’t Emotional Damsels in Distress Either
We can’t guarantee that we have all our crap together, but we are capable of seeing a change we want and moving towards it. Committing to strength isn’t just about marking it down in our schedule.

3. We Have Limited Ability to Deal With Whining
If you’re someone who likes to whine (and there are definitely a lot of you out there), we aren’t the girls for you. As I said in #2, we know when to make a change on something we want, and if you’re the type of person who can’t do that, then we’ll have a hard time.

4. We Are Never Happy, But Yet Always Happy with How We Look
We treasure your compliments, but we also appreciate your honesty. We don’t need you to lie to us to make us feel better.

5. Strong Women Always Want Someone Who Can Compete With Her
It may not be in the weight room necessarily, but it is in the way you approach life. Keep pushing us. We crave that in our partners!

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6. If We Choose You, You Must Already Be Winning At Life
Just like #5, our strength and independence means we need a person who is comparable. If we choose to be with you, it means that you showcase those traits. Good on ya!

7. We Need Someone to Rein Us in at Times
There are times where we can get stuck in our schedules and training routines and hitting macros and goals. We need someone who can be ok with our full schedule and understand our commitment, but also know when to pull us back into reality.

8. Our Bodies May Change a Lot or a Little
Our goals may change dramatically. Date us because we are able to make commitments. Don’t date us because you like how we look at this moment. Just like anyone else, it will change, but it may change more dramatically much more quickly. Love our dedication, not just our delts.

9. And to Further That Point, We Don’t Train for You
If you’re someone who believes you can comment on a woman’s appearance with a “too manly” remark, and expect it to mean something, then you’re in the wrong place dealing with the wrong people.


10. You Aren’t Our Only Happy Place
Although it involves sweat, loud noises, and moments of excitement after a lot of work though…

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