11 Things Men Should Love About Women Who Lift

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So our brother site just posted 5 Things Guys Love About Women Who Lifthref> and while it is a correct list, I felt like it was a tad…short. There are endless reasons to love a woman who lifts, 650 to start if you’re just counting muscles. So I decided I would help our boys out and remind them of a few more reasons. Not too many though…we don’t want to make our boys feel bad 😉

1. That S Curve
That dip in the back can only be made if her back is strong and she’s got a little something else working. And my gosh, it looks amazing on each and every one of us.

2. Booty
A woman who squats is a woman indeed! Genetics are great, but there is nothing that will keep an amazing pair of glutes looking their best other than squatting and lifting weights!

3. The Way Clothes Hug Our Curves
The flat stomach, the solid figure outlined. The way clothes are filled out just right. Yes, fitchicks look good in clothes as well.

4. Many of us are Trendsetters
For a lot of female lifters, we may be the only ones in the weights section which means we’re leaders and we’re not afraid of standing out

5. We’re the Best Type of Partners
We can push you in the gym, hold our own against others, you don’t have to worry about kicking the butt of the guy hitting on us at the bar because we can handle it ourselves, and if anyone ever comes at you…we got your back.

6. Obliques
They just look really, really good on women

7. We Make Shoulders Sexy
I mean, look at those. Nice and round and solid and strong…excuse me, I need to go check myself out real quick.

8. We’re Able to Achieve Whatever Shape This Is:
Is this pear shaped, or hourglass? Who even cares, it looks amazing and we look like that! From lifting weights!

9. Our Hip Cut
Somehow, its so comparable to the male adonis lines, and I think it creates the same type of reaction for them, that theirs does for us…

10. We Only Get Better As Our Performance Improves
You have to respect a woman who understands what gains are and then makes them.

11. Somehow, We Mix Girly and Strong Incredibly Well
And it looks like this, and its really awesome to look like and even better to feel.

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