13 Times You Failed At Lifting

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It’s happened to each and every one of us at some point. No shame in the fail game. Just remember, no one is judging but everyone is laughing 🙂

1. You Legitimately Couldn’t Figure Out a Machine
You sort of do the walk around trying to not look like you’re reading the directions. Life points if you went ahead and used it incorrectly anyways

2. You Had a Near Mental Breakdown Because You Couldn’t Hit a Lift
Because when life sucks, the gym is your getaway, unless the gym sucks, then life as you know it sucks.

3. You Did Two Exercises Then Realized You Were Really Tired
Sort of did a lap so it looked like you were in the gym, then promptly left without a drop of sweat to show.

4. You Tried to Lift With Two Different Sized Plates on the Bar
Then try to cooly play it off like…haha I change weight so much I can’t even keep up with it!

5. Tried to Use the Lingo But Sounded Utterly Ridiculous
Hey Bro…Broham…Brosif? Which one is it again?

just stop
just stop

6. You Still Get Confused on Which One is a Clean and Which is a Jerk, and yeah…a Snatch
For reference…

7. That Time You Were So Preoccupied with Your Playlist That You Ran Into a Machine
And yes, your body hurt more than your pride.

8. You Lifted Too Hard Trying to Impress Your Gym Crush
Him helping your broken body off the ground might have been worth it though

First you were like…

Then you were like…

Then you’re like…

9. That Time You Completed a Workout Just to Find Your Thong Had Been Out the Whole Time
Oops – being completely mortified!

oh why hello there
oh why hello there

10. Pretty Much Anytime You Trip, Fall, or Break Something
Yes, it happens, but when it breaks your “I’m a boss” gym swag stride, its awful.

11. Pretty Much Anytime Your Boobs Almost Fall Out
Admit it, it happens. Usually you can adjust your bra before it happens, but it’s happened.

got to keep those babies covered!
got to keep those babies covered!

12. That One Sock That Refuses To Stay Up and You’re Constantly Adjusting in Your Shoe
Maybe not a fail, but it really f’in annoys me

13. That Time You Didn’t Lift.
It’s always a fail. Always lift. Get big!

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