14 Things That Prove the Struggle is Real

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Being a person who works out a lot always looks like fun and games. Constantly lifting heavy things, looking great all lean and sh*t, touching our own butts and thinking we’re the real hotness. But half the time, we have to pump ourselves up to fend off the fitness struggle. The struggle is real. And it is hard. People complain, but I’m here to tell you…it’s real.

1. Women Who Are In Better Shape Than Us
Don’t lie to me and say you’ve never scrolled through your Insta just to see a picture of some chiseled lean chick and thought, “F it, I’m eating a pizza”. Don’t act like that doesn’t happen! #notjealousstruggle

2. Hormones
Am I bloated because my body is crazy or because I drank too much water? I may never know. Am I tired because I’ve been working hard or because my body’s balance is out of whack? I’ll tell you after this nap. #idkWhyImCryingStruggle

3. Hair
The travesty of sporting the perfect hairdo, only to have to tie it back in a pony for the gym is…it hurts a little each time. #iwokeuplikethisstruggle

4. Gym Wear Obsession is Real
If you don’t understand the struggle that is expensive gym outfits, you don’t understand life. Lululemon, Athleta, Nike, why do you hate my low paying job so! #livingbrokestruggle

5. PMS
This is different from hormones because I physically have to fight an internal attack to get myself to the gym. By the time I’ve gotten through the front door, I’ve already waged a war men can never comprehend. My beastmode is at level 100. #femaleproblemsstruggle

6. I Want to Get in Shape, Then I See a Cupcake
And let me tell you, something about cupcakes just stirs the inner love inside me. What was that? That’s a chocolate cake filled with fudge mixed with vanilla custard, topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and chocolate crumbs drizzled with chocolate? My abs say no, but the entire rest of my body says…where did that go, I ate it too fast! #YUMchocolatestruggle

7. I Need to Lose This (stomach), Not These (breasts)
Or as my Aunt calls them, breasteses. Random Hipps fact, you’re welcome. I like my boobies, I suspect others like them too. But I also like my muscles. Smaller boobs still do boob things, smaller muscles do less powerful things. I hate it. #ittybittytittycommitteestruggle

8. Post-Leg Day Dress Up
Whatever event is happening after my legday, I will not be rocking heels, even though I want to. Soreness can be a beautiful thing, how it affects my days not so much. #postlegstruggle

9. The Line Between Perfect Selfie and Slutty Selfie
I’ve skirted the line plenty of times, maybe I’ve gone over it. It’s alright, most have, but the struggle to show off what you got and not show off what your momma gave you is tough. #theselfiestruggle

10. All the Spandex
Practically everything made for women these days is spandex. All that spandex needs somewhere to go. Like maybe into the wedgie when you’re squatting, or digging into that little bit of love handle you have. #fupastruggle

how it feels sometimes
how it feels sometimes

11. Men Who Lift, But For Real
I mean, I see you lifting which is great, but I can’t possibly be doing my thing while you’re over there creating exercises that no one would ever attempt. A female lifter needs a legit male lifter. Drinking protein and saying bro does not a lifter make. #IDontWantNoScrubstruggle

12. Matching Without Trying Too Hard
The struggle between looking cute and looking like a Barbie can be real! I like my outfit to match, it looks sleek, it looks good, I look good. But if I’m looking too good…what am I even doing with my life anymore, worrying about how cute I am while sweating! #toocutestruggle

13. Almost Falling Asleep During the Post Workout Stretch
After a hard workout, all you want to do is stretch it out and get home to chill. Let’s just lay it down on this yoga mat or whatever, get a solid stretch going…get real (and oddly) comfortable…that stretch feels soooo gooood…I’ve decided I’m not moving now. #powernapstruggle

14. Those F*cking Mirrors
Here is a rule of mirrors: if you can see me looking at you looking at me, I see you looking at me. Just cause I’m doing rows in front of the mirror doesn’t mean I don’t see your eyes protruding to catch my cleave. I can’t go anywhere without there being a mirror at my gym. WTF! #oogleyeyesstruggle

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