15 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Work Out With You

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Life can be tough for a woman who loves her fitness. The most difficult part can be when your beautiful boyfriend isn’t as much of a fan of fitness as you are. What to do when something like that arises? Here are some tips on getting your boyfriend to the gym so you’re not the only one who can open that jar in the pantry. Best case: he takes the hint and ends up at the gym with you. Worst case: you guys break up because you emasculated him. But that just means he wasn’t ready for your strong woman awesomeness. right?

1. Pat his belly and tell him you love the warmth he provides during this cold, cold winter.

2. Next time he flexes, say “Aww you are SO cute, I love it!”

so, so cute!
so, so cute!

3. Mention your new gym buddy, affectionately named by the ladies as “Hot Mark”

this is "Hot Mark"
this is “Hot Mark”

4. Mention how you love his man curves

5. Whenever he picks up something thats heavy, say “Oh be careful! Do you need help?”

6. Use him for your at home workouts

7. Start sharing pictures of Steve Cook on your FB captioned with “great motivation for everyone!”

oh, hello there...
oh, hello there…

8. Start deciding all arguments with pushup contests

9. Mention how his round tummy fits perfectly against your belly when he lays on top of you

jiggle jiggle sexy lady
jiggle jiggle sexy lady

10. Start calling his laugh “jolly”. Nickname him The Big S.C.

11. Leave articles around that show how fitness improves sex (like this onehref>)

12. Every time you drive, “accidentally” end up at the gym. Oops!

i have nothing, so try this trick
i have nothing, so try this trick

13. Leave 12 Things Women Love About Men Who Lifthref>, on his screen after using his laptop

14. Just start flexing a lot. Like, all the time.

15. idk, just ask him.

But seriously, read 12 Things Women Love About Men Who Lifthref> whether you have a boyfriend or not

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