15 Super Sexy Fitness Dudes To Follow On Instagram

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Sometimes fit chicks need a little motivation to continue aiming for that goal. How about some motivation in the form of super sexy fit guys with washboard abs? This dose of testosterone should be raisin’ eyebrows. Here are a few smokin’ hot fitness guys you should probably start following on Instagram:blanche

1. Roni Kangun

With 25.2k followers, this former Pro Basketball Player is a superstar on the Instagram fitness scene. He’s a personal trainer and has done a little modeling on the side. And I think he can rock short shorts better than me.

Follow @ronikangun.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.27.58 PM2. Nic Palladino

This hottie has 461k followers and is an online personal trainer. After being a successful runner in high school and college, he’s devoted his career to nutrition and fitness, a. In fact, he was once the sixth fastest runner in the state of Oregon, so it’s hard to keep up with this guy. He’s also an activist for abandoned animals, and donates regularly to the American Humane Association. This is him and his rescued dog Gino. Don’t lie, you’re a little jealous of this pup.

Follow Nic Palladino @nic_palladino10.maxresdefault3. Michael Romero Jr.

This Personal trainer and model made the switch to healthy living after graduating high school. He found inspiration in celebrities like Taylor Lautner who went from scrawny to buff heartthrob in a couple of years. And now he’s inspiring 298k of his followers.

Follow him @michaelromerojrScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.34.07 PM4. George Butler

This guy is a gem. He’s a Lifetime Natural Fitness Model with 163k followers, and his posts are not only mouth-watering, but full of heartfelt advice for fitness enthusiasts. He’s humble, hardworking, and enjoys the occasional cheat meal. What a guy 😉

Follow him @georgey.b.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.36.47 PM5. Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman is not only Instafamous, he’s an actor, director, model, and will be starring in the film adaption of Ugly Love. He’s practiced karate since the age of four and opened his own karate school after graduating from Capilano University in Vancouver at age 20. Beauty and brains!

Follow him @nick_batemanScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.39.48 PM

6. Andreas Eriksen

This hottie hails from Norway and has a whopping 593k followers. He’s a well-respected model, something about that face demands respect.

Follow him @dreeriksenScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.44.40 PM

7. Matthew Noszka

Last summer, while he was working in construction with his father, he posted a picture of himself—in cut-off blue jeans and work boots—to Instagram. Apparently, construction does the body good.

Follow him @matthew_noszkaMatthew Noszka
8. Alejandro Rosaleny

Musician, model, and surfer…damn. This guy is what dreams are made of, and he’s proof of what dedication and training can do. He has 49k followers and a ton of talent.

Follow him @alejandrorosalenyScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.48.14 PM

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9. Marc Fitt

Marc Fitt lives up to his name as a model, trainer, and an all around game-changer. He is passionate about fitness and self-improvement on a deeper level through fitness. The 23-year-old is also an international activist and public speaker. HOT DAMN! Nutrition, training plans, and clothing are available on his website. He’s got 846k followers, but is always lookin’ for some more love.

Follow him @marc_fittScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.51.26 PM

10. Kyle Clarke

Kyle is a former US Army Captain and currently an actor, MRI athlete, fitness cover model, and my god, he is RIPPED! He’s got 106k followers on Instagram and some pretty witty Facebook posts. Who wouldn’t want to follow @kyleclarke? Funny, hot, athletic…sign me up!Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.53.52 PM11. Mariano Di Vaio

This Italian beauty modeled and acted the US and London for a few years before he started his own fashion blog called mdvstyle.com, covering topics like fashion, travel, sports, movies, and music. He has quickly become one of the most well-known fashion bloggers in the world and has 4 million followers on Instagram. Get the inspiration to follow your dreams.

Follow him @marianodivao Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.58.06 PM12. Kian Kassraei

This hunk is only 23, but he is hardcore dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness. He goes to the University of Maryland and is a member of the Muscle League. He’s always posting inspirational images and quotes, and he knows what its like to reach your fitness goals. Use him as your motivation to work your ass off

Follow him @kkassraei Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.00.44 PM13. Aaron Gill 

Here’s a Brit who will make you blush. He is massive and pure muscle. But only six years ago, he was just tall and lanky. Now he is a UKBFF competitor, a personal trainer, and nutritionist. He firmly believes in following your dreams and dedicating yourself to your goals. He’s 25 and absolutely stunning.

Follow him @aarongillfitnessaarongill14. Erko Jun 

His Insta bio says, “Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Motivator, Performer” and his pictures say, Hottie! Hottie! He has 357k followers and deserves many more. He’s had a hell of a life, losing feeling in his right leg at a young age, but he’s pushed himself physically to unimaginable heights and surmounted his disability.

Follow him @erkojunerko15. Tobias Leitner

He’s an IFBB Athlete, and an Austrian model who is all about fitness and training. He has 2,552 followers, but we can help him rise to Instafame. He has a super adorable french bulldog. A hot dude with a cute dog will pull at any girl’s heartstrings.

Follow him @tobiasleitner!tobias

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