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Sometimes, the hardest part about making a change is getting started. All these strong women are amazingly motivating. Whether their transformation was drastic or not, they show it is possible to change your body and become happier, healthier, and more confident.

"You grow a lot in your twenties." I am two entirely different people in the pictures above. I've grown into my body, figured out what my body likes and doesn’t like. I have figured out what makes me healthy and happy. I have understood what it takes to live longer and stronger. While I still have a few more years in my twenties, I now have a confidence about how I feel in my own body. Alcohol is a huge part of what my body looks like vs. what I want it to look like. While I still consume, it’s not nearly as often or as much. My diet has gotten better and more well-rounded. I prep my meals for the week ahead of time, and even though I’m always on the go, I have food with me at all times. Another major piece of this #transformation photo is strength and HIIT training. These type of workouts rev up my metabolism, improve endurance, and increase fat burn even longer. August 2011 | March 2016 #transformationtuesday

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So I know it is late, but I had to post this transformation Tuesday!!! The picture on the left is from the fourth of July last year before I started my fitness journey. I remember that entire summer, I felt so self conscious because I was out of shape and bigger than I had been, well probably ever.. I couldn't fit into even one pair of my summer shorts. 😐 The picture on the right is from a couple weeks ago on the cruise! About 6 months into my fitness journey. And guess what? I fit into every single pair of shorts, even ones that I haven't worn since high school! In this picture, I feel strong, beautiful, confident. I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle and get my life back on track. And what means even more is that my best friend @loosgoose01 has been there every step of the way supporting me and embarking on her own journey as well! Can't wait to see what we will look like this fourth of July!! 😊 #transformationtuesday #fitbestfriends #fitness #progress #beachbody #21dayfix

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My personal transformation for the past 10 weeks to compete in my first NPC bikini competition. I am proud of the work I put in!! On the left (before @cliffedberg help) on the right (10 weeks working with my coach @cliffedberg ) 10 weeks my body changed like crazy‼️ My legs leaned out fast my mid section took the longest to tighten. This has been my biggest transformation I have ever gone through and I am extremely happy with my results😁🏆‼️ I learned so much about my body and willpower throughout this process. I am now reverse dieting according to Cliff's plan and have been slowly increasing calories and decreasing my cardio. It is a tough process to reverse out of and I'm not perfect, I may go a tiny bit over on my macros some days but do not make a habit of it nor do I beat myself up.🍪😜 currently weighing around 125 pounds give or take depending on refeed days. My goal is to not put all the weight back on (138lbs) and keep just under 130lbs. I will share my journey and let you know how it works out! I do think I'll compete again, maybe jump to figure based on judges feedback! #sharksbitesoflife #teamedberg #teamsbol #transformation #transformationtuesday #fitness #fitlife #weightlossjourney #fit #lift #lean #leangains #muscles #beforeandafter #workout #womenwholift #win #npc #npcmilesproductions #bikinibod #mybikinibod

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#transformationtuesday even though it's Wednesday From skinny fat to fit and muscular. I've gone through a lot of extremes.. From trying not to eat because I thought food was the enemy, to not caring about what I put in my body, to clean eating coupled with binging and purging, to IIFYM, and then finally consistently tracking with IIFYM. However this does not mean that you have to follow IIFYM to see results. The best "diet" for you, is the one that YOU can adhere to. If you can follow a meal plan eating 6-7 meals a day, then great! Or if you prefer intermittent fasting and eating 3 times a day, perfecto. Just because you see your favorite fitness inspiration following a specific plan doesn't mean that that's going to work for you. Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure you are consistent. Do your research, experiment with your body, and track your results. Don't give up!!

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Transformation Tuesday 😊🙌 left picture was me, eating whatever can be eaten XD. I love, love, love going to the beach. And being 189lbs did not stop me from wearing a bikini. Yes, I was insecure and I didn't like people looking at me. But, I still wanted to rock my bikinis😌😌I had a different picture of me in my head 🙄😂🙈 as I started to gain even more weight, I realized that it was no Bueno for me and my health. Besides, every time I went shopping, I always had to look for the largest items on store😒 and I don't know if you guys have noticed, but the small sizes they are so beautifully made but then the large/xLG ones are just 😝. Point is, I felt very insecure and I hated my body. As I started working out, and I saw the changes that my body was making. I fell in love with eating healthy and working out. 😌👌💪 and by eating healthy, I don't mean eating lettuce and chicken all day, errr day. 👊😾 long story short, throughout this journey, I learned to love myself and my body. That's why I workout, not because I hate my body, but because I love it.☺️❤️ I learned to embrace my stretch marks and my cellulite. I used to be disgusted by the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, but hey, not everyone has that perfect baby looking skin. 🙄🙄so whatevers✌️✌😂 ok, bye 💪😊 Ps. I'm gonna rock my bikini this year Idc 🙄✌️😂 #transformationtuesday #weightloss #fitchicks #workinprogress #fitFam #stillworkingonit #tuesday #loveYourself #flaws #embraceyourjourney #stretchMarks #cellulite #girlboss #results

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#thekaylamovement is nearly ending but it doesn't mean we stop, we keep pushing and keep sweating 💦. Thank you @kayla_itsines for making me feel comfortable in my own skin and making the guides so easy to work around your life whether you're a mum, student or a full time worker. It's only 28 minutes of your life 💜 La Vida Es una! You only live once and I choose to be fitter than ever and give it my all no matter how many people try control what I eat or how many times I workout. My life, my happiness 💕👊🏽 One more resistance workout of BBG 1.0 to go and we move onto the 2.0 😍😁 Can't wait what the next 12 weeks will show 💜💪🏽💦 #bbgmums #kaylaitsines #sweatwithkayla #healthandfitness #bbgjourney #bbgprogress #week12 #latina #fitmummy #9monthspostpartum

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I could type a few long paragraphs about how happy I am that have stayed committed to this challenge, but I am going to save it for the final photo that I will be submitting in FOUR days! However..two things : 1. I woke up with abs today without having to flex and break my back 2. I'm starting to resemble the bikini girls I look up to and plan to compete against this year. Very cool stuff!!! Put in the Work !! Your future self will thank you !! 🙂 Some many thank yous to @bodybuildingcom and @dymatize @teamdymatize for all they've done this challenge !!!!! <3 #250kchallenge #dymatize #weightloss #lawofattraction #lawofsuccess #dymatize #bodybuildingcom #bodybuilding #transformforlife #npcbikini #futurecompetitor #bestself #transformation #transformationtuesday #onedayumay #bodybuilding #lifting #glutenfree #fit #hollistic #bikiniprep #npc #beforeandafter #motivation #workout #transformforlife

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