22 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Health and Fitness in 2017


The New Year is just around the corner, and that means one thing: New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions around the world is to live a healthier life. This is also why January is a gym owner’s favourite month.

Misconceptions about health and fitness are one of the reasons people sign up for a gym membership but never show up after the motivation fades out. Since people join a gym for different reasons, here are 22 important things everyone should know about health and fitness coming into a crucial part of the calendar:

1. It’s Not a Short-Term Game


If you get a gym membership thinking you’ll get in shape in one month, you’re in for a disappointment. Depending on your physical health, it can take you a month and in some cases, years to get in shape.

Stay away from anyone who says you can achieve the physique of your dreams with a month’s hard work and dedication. Plan your coming months keeping in mind your newly found healthy lifestyle.

2. Diet is One Big Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Diet is the fuel your body utilises to run itself. If you eat junk food regularly, your body won’t have enough good carbs and fat reserves to run itself properly. Make a diet plan according to your health and fitness goals, and follow it with all your heart.

3. Don’t Overlook Sleep


No matter how hard you work out, you won’t see results until your body is properly rested. It is in your sleep that your body recovers itself from the heavy workouts and utilises all the nutrients present in your body to repair and recuperate itself.

4. Find a Source of Motivation


Running out of motivation is one of the biggest reasons someone stops working out. Find a source of motivation that will keep you going even at your lowest of lows. Your motivation can be anything from your training partner to someone you follow on social media. Find someone you connect to.

If you’re lacking motivation or feel tired after a long day at work, a quality pre-workout can make a huge difference, and help you get to the gym. We’ve created a list of the top pre supplements, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for them. Check it out and see if a  pre-workout can help you. 

5. Greens Are Good For You


Green vegetables, fruits and salads help you in more ways than they’re credited for. Greens are great antioxidants and even help in boosting testosterone levels in men. There was a reason your mother pushed you to eat greens.

6. Supplements Alone Won’t Cut It

If supplements are your only nutrition plan, you’re just wasting your time. Supplements are called supplements for a reason. Nothing can beat real food when it comes to results. Make sure you’re keeping your supplements to the efficient and necessary minimum.

7. Lifting Weights Won’t Make Girls Manly

There’s a myth that lifting weights will add hunks of muscle mass to a girl’s body and make her look manly. This is complete BS. Men gain muscle mass because of testosterone. Women don’t produce testosterone in the amounts needed to build the same levels of manly muscle mass.

8. Follow a Routine


Hitting the gym at the same time every day will get you better results than working out at random times. This is the time when your body is most responsive to workouts. When you work out at a fixed time, your brain automatically sets itself for the workout.

9. Change Your Training Program Often


Once your body gets used to a particular kind of training routine, it’ll stop responding to it. You need to constantly shock your muscles for them to grow. As Arnold used to say: “At the end of your workouts, your body should be shaking with shock. It shouldn’t know what hit it.”

10. Everyone Has A Different Definition of Fitness


There will be times you’ll meet someone who’ll label you as ‘too fit’ or someone who’ll label you as ‘not so fit’. Fitness is very subjective. You should lay out what fitness means to you and follow it until you achieve it.

11. Set Goals

Before starting to workout, you should set achievable goals for yourself. Working out without goals can be very unproductive. You can drastically reduce your transformation time if you have goals in place that you work towards every day.

12. Visualise

Visualisation is one of the most underrated techniques in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding isn’t just about going through the motions. Visualisation includes imagining what you want your body to look like. Once you have a picture in mind, the whole universe works on getting it to you.

13. Every Ripped Person Isn’t on Drugs

Substance abuse!. One syringe and a mysterious vial on a dirty table. Self-medication. Health danger.

This is one of the most common things these days. When haters look at someone shredded, they call them out for using gear. This shows their insecurities. Shredded people look the way they do because of their hard work and dedication.

14. Steroids Aren’t Magic

phil heath

“I can look like that, if not better, if I start using steroids.” Walk around in a gym and there are high chances you’ll hear someone saying this. Steroids aren’t magic; they won’t work until you do. People on steroids tend to have a lot more dedication and commitment than people not using gear.

15. Health and Fitness are Never Ending Fields


If you’re a health and fitness enthusiast, learning can never stop for you. Health and fitness are areas that will never cease to grow. Even today, scientists around the world are creating inventions to make us fitter, as well as make our lives healthier and longer.

16. Genetics Plays a Huge Role in Health and Fitness


Every person was blessed with different genetics and is therfore destined to look different. Even if two people do the same workouts and take on the same diet, they’ll still look different because of their genetic composition.

17. Stress Can Kill Your Gains


Stress in men can lower the testosterone levels which lead to a drop in gains. Stress leads to an increase of estrogen (female hormone) levels in men which is responsible for balding and man boobs. Stress in females results in lowering of estrogen levels, which result in loss of muscle.

18. Your Body Will Keep Changing


No matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, your body will keep on changing over the years. As you grow older, your muscles start to mature, which gives better muscle definition and clarity. There will be years when your body doesn’t respond to training like it used to.

19. Stay Away From Processed Food


As someone rightly said, don’t eat it if it’s on TV.  Pretty much all processed, shelf-stabilized, and lab-made food has stuff in it that’s been linked to the bad stuff: lowered immune system, cancer, less than ideal mental and emotional states, allergies, metabolic diseases, and weight gain.

20. Stretch As Often As You Can


Stretching helps elevate tension exerted on the body through intense training sessions. Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively.

21. Practice Mind-Muscle Connection

Your brain doesn’t connect to all the muscles equally. It is harder for the brain to set up a mind-muscle connection with muscles you can’t see directly in the mirror. Mind-muscle connection helps in developing all the muscles equally.

22. Every Pro Was Once a Beginner


Looking at pros with ripped abs and shredded physiques can be intimidating, but don’t forget, every pro was once a beginner. All you need to do is start. Start small and you’ll reap big rewards in no time. Starting small could be anything from waking up a little earlier to switching to a healthier bread.

Just make the first move.

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