5 Scientifically Backed Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side

Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side

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A good night’s sleep is necessary for your overall wellbeing. It’s not only for your survival but also your sleeping patterns say a lot about your mental health. As a matter of fact, a study tells that sleeping on your left side is the gateway to a healthier life and better sleep. Its theory roots from Ayurveda, which is a holistic approach to health and medicine, originated in India.


But why the emphasis on sleeping on the left side…?

As odd as it seems, this theory actually has several benefits for your body as opposed to sleeping on your right side, which is bad for your health.

You MUST Sleep On Your Left Side

Following are five benefits as explained by Certified Ayurvedic Therapist, Dr. John Drouillard.

1. It Facilitates Lymphatic Drainage

When you sleep on your left side, it gives an extra room to your body for filtering lymph fluid and other waste material via your lymph nodes. The reason is left side of your body being dominant lymphatic side, thus better facilitation.

Facilitates Lymphatic Drainage

Moreover, western research has found that sleeping on your left side potentially helps your body to process waste materials from brain.

2. It Also Improves Digestion

While it has been observed that majority of the individuals would sleep immediately after dinner when there should be a gap of at least 1.5 hours. However, when you sleep on your left side, it actually helps in digestion.

Improves Digestion

Lying on left side allows the food in stomach to easily move into the large intestine. Moreover, in this position, your stomach and pancreas hang naturally without any stress which promotes the production of pancreatic enzymes along with other digestive processes humming.

3. It’s Really Good For Your Heart

Good For Your Heart

Doctors have been recommending pregnant women since long to sleep on their left side for better circulation to the heart. The same also applies to men and non-pregnant women. Your heart being more on the left side must not come under the pressure of gravity. Lying on the left side actually alleviates this pressure of gravity from your heart and allows it to function smoothly and comfortably throughout the night.

Not to mention that the best position for heart health, either left or right, is still under debate.

4. It Will Reduce Heartburn

Other than just taking off the pressure of gravity from the heart, a study that was published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology has found that sleeping on your left side reduces the acidic reflux symptoms. As a result of this, the heartburn is prevented.

Reduce Heart Burn

Contrary to this, lying on the right side actually increase these symptoms. You may even feel a slight or mild heartburn immediately after sleeping on the right side, especially if you are prone to a heartburn after meal.

5. It Can Relieve Back Pain

May Relieve Back Pain

If you are suffering with a chronic back pain, lying on your left side while sleeping can potentially help to relieve the pain. Several studies have shown that sleeping on your left side relieves the pressure on your spine. Not only that, you’ll also feel more comfortable during the night’s sleep.

Final Verdict

Surely, it’ll take time to make the switch. Try to develop a habit to sleep on your left side. Best way is to keep a hard pillow behind your back so it’s hard for you to roll off the left side during sleep. Once, your body is used to, you’ll usually find yourself on the left side in the morning.

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