5 Hot Guy Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

You’re welcome, ladies…

Hot Guys
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Instagram is our favorite social app. Twitter doesn’t have enough characters to post anything suitably witty. Facebook is a stream of painfully dull wedding and baby photos. And don’t even get me started on the random dick pic fest that is Snapchat…

However, Instagram is a true sanctuary in an endless sea of shitty social media. With the click of a button, we can check out our favorite fitness models, post images of our “delicious” salmon and broccoli, or add a filter to a selfie to completely transform from beast to beauty in seconds! But did you know that there are also hot dudes on Instagram?

Instagram Hot Dude

It’s true! I almost didn’t believe it at first! Between the gym photos and inspirational quotes, you’ll find a fantastic variety of good looking guys, doing wonderful, magical, sexy things!

Has this revelation blown your mind? Not sure where to start in this brave new world? Please, allow me to be your guide…

1. Men With Pizza

Men With Pizza

If you’re looking to work up an appetite before your next cheat meal, look no further than @MenWithPizza.

Created just over a year ago, this Instagram features a collection of fantastic photos that include our two favorite things—abs and carbs. But wait! I hear you asking: “Surely those things can’t coexist peacefully?” Well, they can. And we want you to gaze upon the reality that is hot deep dish pizza and hot men with their shirts off.

Hot Dudes with Pizza

2. Hot Dudes With Kittens

Hot Dudes With Kittens

There’s something about a man taking care of a tiny, vulnerable, fluffy animal that gets our hearts racing faster than sprinting on the treadmill!

Ladies, make sure you follow @HotDudesWithKittens. Combining cute guys and even cuter cats, this account is the purr-fect way to cheer yourself up after a bad day at work or a date gone wrong.

Hot Dudes WIth Cats

More of a dog kind of girl? Don’t worry, Instagram has got your back there too! Behold: @HotDudesWithDogs.

3. Just Fit Guys

Just Fit Guys

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like going to the gym. You’re tired; you have no energy, and your best pair of Nike Pro leggings are in the laundry. On those occasions, turn on your cell phone, open up Instagram and check out @JustFitGuys.

This glorious account features one thing and one thing only: ripped dudes, doing ripped dude things. With more six-pack abs and chiseled chests than you can shake a barbell at, you’ll be feeling motivated in just a matter of minutes!

Hot Fit Men of Instagram

4. Men and Coffee

Hot Men With Coffee

Coffee is bae. Coffee is life.

That’s why if you combine sexy coffee-making apparatus with good looking guys, you have a sure-fire recipe for Instagram success!

With over 800 fantastic caffeine-and-cutie-filled posts, @MenAndCoffee is the ideal way to wake up in the morning. Or make a boring work meeting go faster. Or pass the time on your commute. Or just make life infinitely better.

Men and Coffee

Why yes, that is a French press I’m using! Care to join me for a cup in my bedroom, with our clothes off?

5. Tattooed Boys

Hot Tattooed Dudes
We like our men, like our calloused, weight-lifting hands—rough and rugged! Thankfully, Instagram can fulfill that exact need with @TattooedBoys.

Having gained over 300,000 followers, it is easy to see why this account is so popular. Not only do these gorgeous guys have incredible ink, but they also have big muscles and knee-weakening smiles too!

Tattooed Boys

These tatted chaps also happen to be the perfect antidote to all those pretty boys, pouting in their mirror selfies. Leave that to the ladies, fellas—we’ve got that shit down COLD!

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