5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Be Successful

You’ll never meet someone who would tell you they don’t want to be successful. While everyone wants to be successful, success will always mean different things to different people. What might appeal to one might not be of interest for the other.

For some, success might mean earning a billion dollars, for someone else it might mean maintaining a healthy work-life balance so they can spend some quality time with their family and friends. This brings us to our first point:

1. Figure Out What Works Best For You

5 Things You Should Be Doing Without Fail If You Want To Be Successful

On the lookout for tips and tricks to becoming successful, people tend to look for the daily routines and rituals of highly successful people. While getting this information has gotten easier in the age of podcasts and medium articles, people need to realize there is no “one size fits all” formula for success.

The famous marketing guru, Seth Godin, is famous for declining to answer this question every time it is raised by someone. He believes people do this only to find excuses as to why they cannot perform a particular ritual and will never achieve as much success as the person in question has.

You need to figure out what works best for you. For example, if you’re a writer, you have to experiment with different writing styles, or even try writing at different times throughout the day to see which time suits you the best and brings out the best in your writing.

2. Stop Trying To Fit In

5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Be Successful 1

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need for belonging is the third most important need in one’s life. This basic human need can sometimes take us in the opposite direction. In our lives, we might do some things just to please someone.

This could be because of the need for belonging or it could be because we want something in return from the person. Hardly do we realize, this need soon turns into flattery and gives the other person leverage over us, who can then make us do things we don’t necessarily want to.

This is especially true when we want to be a part of an establishment or entering a closely knit group. People in this group can force you to do things which can be entertaining for them but can hurt you or the people around you. Yes, we’re talking about bullying here.

3. Invest In Something For The Long Run

5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Be Successful 2

In the age of speed dating, millennials want everything to happen immediately. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the world works. You will need to serve your time performing and perfecting your craft before good things start happening to you.

People can’t stop raving about overnight successes. Hardly do they know about the long and tiring nights put in by someone trying to perfect their craft. While becoming a star overnight might be a nice thing to dream about, this will certainly is rare and most likely will never happen to you. Put in the work to get the reward.

If you start something today, you need to be giving all you’ve got before you expect to receive anything in return. Malcolm Gladwell came up with the 10,000-hour rule where he proves you need to put in 10,000 hours on your craft before you can be an authority on that subject.

4. Show Up For Work Every Day

In his famous book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about the importance of practicing your art/work every single day without fail. The world tries to keep you busy with other things, so you might think you don’t have time for the thing that actually matters, your art.

Image result for war of art book cover

No matter how hard it gets, you need to practice your art every day. Decide on a time and go to work on the exact time every day. Once you are consistent with your work, motivation somehow ‘magically’ finds you at the same time every day.

The same goes for the gym, if you want a great physique, you have to work for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or you have a flat tire, figure out a way to get to the gym. Supplements like pre-workouts will help you get pumped for your workouts on the days when you just aren’t feeling it.

5. Invest In Yourself

5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Be Successful 3

You can’t expect to get better without actually taking out the time to learn new skills. If you’re looking for a promotion or just to get a little better at your craft, start finding useful resources which can help you improve your work.

You don’t have to go all out and buy expensive courses or attend seminars; it can be as simple as buying a few books or even finding some free resources on this amazing thing called the internet.

Just like with showing up for work every day, you need to set out time a specific time to sit down and learn some new things and grow as a person. Warren Buffet’s favorite thing to do in his office is to read books. He spends a large amount of his time learning through books, and look where it got him.

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