8 Body Parts That Women Find Way Sexier Than A Six-Pack

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Humans can be a fickle bunch, but it’s long been held that one thing brings us all together and unites us in a shared admiration: Six-pack abs.

The abdominal muscles are one of the easiest to train simply due to the fact they’re involved in just about every movement, but they’re undoubtedly one of the most difficult to develop and sculpt.

Many a man has gone mad with frustration chasing the fabled six-pack; some men simply don’t have the genes to get the abs they desire, while others find it nigh impossible to drop enough fat to see them.

But fear not! We’ve provided a comprehensive list of eight other features women desire more in a man than just a killer set of abs.

1. Broad Back

The back is arguably the most important muscle group when taking into account its interconnection with the rest of the body, and women must have some intuition when it comes to sensing out what’s needed.

In 2013, a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found a greater hip-to-shoulder ratio (i.e. the V-shape torso) accounted for a startling 79.6% of the variance of women’s attractiveness to a male model.

What does this mean? That a man with a broad back is close to 80% more likely to convince the opposite sex he’s masculine, and therefore more likely to be swatting women like flies.

2. Chiseled Chest

Very few women would want their man-squeeze to have pecs so bulbous they far outrank their own, but a squared, slightly protruding top half of the torso undoubtedly attracts the right attention.

A man’s chest is also an underrated area of amusement in the sex department, and one many a woman enjoys playing in as much as a man would theirs.

3. Bubble Butt

It’s 2016, people, and having a little junk in the trunk is no longer for the ladies alone.

A pert butt is becoming just as desirable for women these days because they’re aware of the work it takes to build such a strong behind. Not only that, but it’s an extremely functional muscle in the bedroom, making it easier for the man to attain bridge positions that require strength when she’s on top.

4. Carved Calves

Thank god women are adapting to the chicken-leg epidemic of today and have begun to appreciate a good set of wheels almost as much as everything above them.

Calves may be little more than a small section of the posterior compartment of the leg. Developed calves signify just how athletic or dedicated to the cause a man is.

5. Boulder Shoulders

We’ve already touched on the importance of the hip-to-shoulder ratio, and while the back plays a substantial role in forming the bulk and width, the shoulders control the aesthetic look and finer points in that area.

Nancy Etcoff, the author of Survival of the Prettiest, was quoted by Men’s Health last year and said: “The shoulder muscles are really the muscles of love and war.” Say no more.

6. Firm Forearms

Women who took part in a 2011 Her Campus survey voted for arms as one of the most attractive male body parts, and noted more specifically that “lean, toned forearms really get us going.”

Attraction to larger forearms is thought to be linked to our past relationships as hunter/gatherer, where a strong leader figure boasted the same attributes.

7. Bodacious Biceps

“My, what biceps you have,” the damsel exclaimed. “All the better to ragdoll you with,” the Adonis replied.

The biceps are a foundation of any well-crafted man mountain, and some even call them the gateway to a man’s soul—seeing what weather you’re willing to wear t-shirts in tells a girl precisely what kind of person you are. glasses crush flirting flirt tinder

Plus, the thinness of skin on the arms and lesser fat retention means it’s easier to make these limbs more vascular, and therefore sexier by extension.

8. The Mug

This is the one thing humans could never train or influence so hard as they might try—until the invention of plastic surgery, that is.

Sad as it may seem, most of us are stuck with the faces we’re born with, and it’s your duty to make the most of what was given to you. If you’re perceived as ugly, it’s not the end of the world, but opting not to work out in combination with that hellish fate might as well be.flirting flirt robocop shawty lemme holla at you

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