6 Reasons Why Women Really Need Their Beauty Sleep

It’s not called BEAUTY sleep for nothin’!

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The importance of sleep has been drilled into your brain since you were a small child. And while the actual number of hours you’re supposed to get per night is continually debated, there’s one thing that us ladies can’t argue against: Sleep is VERY important for our health and beauty. Without it, we would be RATCHET.


Here are the six reasons why sleep makes you hotter and healthier:

1. Weight Loss

Well, kind of. You see, you lose water weight by sweating and exhaling humid air throughout the night. This also happens during the day, but as you eat and drink, you counteract these effects. Regardless, always weigh yourself in the morning upon waking up, right before your breakfast.

2. Growth

Again, kind of. While you sleep, your body has the chance to realign itself as the discs in your spine rehydrate and grow. This is one of the reasons why a nice firm mattress is best!

3. Slowing Of Your Heart Rate And Blood Pressure 

While you sleep, your body doesn’t need to pump as much blood to your systems. As your blood pressure dips, your cardiac muscles and circulatory system have the chance to repair themselves in anticipation for the next day of work.

4. Sexual Arousal

“Morning wood” should not just be a term exclusive to men! Just as men get erections during REM sleep, women enter a state of arousal, as well. Your brain is more active during REM sleep and requires more oxygen. Because of this, blood flow to the entire body, including the clitoris, increases. Bring on the wet dreams!

5. Farting

Your body is completely relaxed at night, including your anal sphincter. This makes it easy to pass gas while you sleep. Passing gas is a sign of gut health. Plus, you’re eliminating bloat in the abdomen region. So, you pass that gas with pride! And rest assured, the sense of smell is reduced while you sleep (in case you have company). Sense of sound, however, is not!

6. Collagen Production In Your Skin Increases

Collagen production spikes as you sleep. Collagen is a protein that strengthens blood vessels and keeps skin super elastic. This is vital for a healthy complexion! The best nighttime moisturizers contain retinol and retinoids because they boost collagen turnover, combat pigment problems, and fight wrinkles!

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