These People Lost Weight and Now Look Stunning [Transformation Guide Inside]

These transformations are nothing less than magic.

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It’s amazing how losing weight can completely change you as an individual. You can’t even recognise some people in their old pictures. These body transformations are brought about by determination and a will to change one’s present state of being.

Losing weight not only brings about a positive change in your aesthetics but also your mental health. Studies have shown our brains function better after we exercise. As the old proverb goes: “a fit mind resides in a fit body.”

body 2

The determination to lose weight can be ignited by a variety of things. It could be a taunt by your spouse, bullying by your friend(s) or even body shaming. No matter what the stimulus was, all is good if it gets you in the gym.

Working out can change your life in more ways than you can imagine. Exercising isn’t given its due share of credit when it comes to — among other things — making you more disciplined, focused and pushing you past your limits.


Transformations are always accompanied by stories. These stories are a testament to the incredible power of hard work, belief, and consistency. Each story is more inspirational than the one before it.

If you have been through a transformation, you should share your pictures with your friends, families, and even social media. You never know who might get inspired by you and take the first step towards changing their life. It’s a great feeling when someone credits you for the success they’ve achieved.

Without any further ado, these people lost weight and now look stunning:

body transformationbody 3body transformation fat loss


fat loss

girl fat loss

girl body transformation

body transformation

body transformation bikini

public transformation


girl transformation

extreme transformation

amazing transformation

beautiful transformation

cover transformation

transformation photoshoot


Now to some celebrity body transformation pictures on the next page…


beyonce transformation

christina aguilera transformation

selena gomez transformation

raven transformation

oprah winfrey transformation

pikachu transformation

Thank you Pikachu for showing how adorable a transformation can make you.

Transform Your Body

We won’t leave you here. We know you are motivated after looking at these transformation pictures. Let’s channel this and get you going for your own body transformation.

1. Start Small

new body transformation

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to begin your transformation. Start with a small stroll and add to it over time. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your transformation might take some time but it is worthful to start small but to start today.

If you still can’t find the motivation to start working out, ask a friend to join you. The time spent with your friends or family while exercising can be a great stress buster and will strengthen the bond between you.

2. Take Progress Pictures

butt transformation

Start your transformation with taking pictures of yourself. Pictures are a great way of analysing your performance and keeping yourself accountable. Take pictures at regular intervals, in the same clothes, in the same place, and at the same time every day .

Also, looking at body transformation pictures of other people can also be incredibly effective in motivating you to achieve your goals. Apart from taking pictures at regular intervals, feel free to take pictures when you feel a change, but don’t add them to your progress report.

3. Get a Trainer

Most people can’t go through a transformation alone. They need someone to motivate and guide them through this journey. A lack of knowledge is also a major hindrance while achieving their weight loss goals.

Look around for a trainer with a track record of successful transformations. A trainer can save you months spent in the gym on useless exercises. Ask your trainer for personalised diet and nutrition plans.

trainer gains weight

4. Diet

fat to slim

Nothing speeds up your transformation like a well-planned diet. Consult a dietitian before making your own diet plan or get a professional to make it for you because missing on key nutrients in your diet can be counterproductive to your goals.

Include aspects such as eating out, cheat meals, etc. while getting a diet plan made. This will keep you from ruining your diet and will accordingly adjust your diet for days after your outing and cheat meals. Doing this takes away the guilty part from your cheat meals.

5. Consistency

transformation consistency

You won’t see results in the gym until you are consistent. Consistency comes from being disciplined and focused. You need to be consistent in going to the gym, your diet, nutrition, supplementation and sleep.

Most people overlook sleep when it comes to losing weight. They think spending countless hours on the treadmill will get them results. This isn’t true. You shed fat or build muscle in your sleep. Sleep is where all the magic happens. So, build a schedule and follow it with all your heart.

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