Screw The Gym! Contour Your Way To A Perfect Body!

Who needs the gym?

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Oh, c’mon already! As if contouring your face wasn’t time-consuming enough. Now women are doing it to their entire bodies? Yep. They are using makeup to accentuate parts of their bodies. Because looking like you have perfectly chiseled abs is a lot more work than actually having them.

Cosmopolitan recently posted a tutorial video on how to contour your abs using makeup. Now, the first thought I had was: Why on earth would you want to put makeup on your stomach? And I rolled my eyes. Body makeup contouring has been a growing trend on social media. Tutorial videos are popping up everywhere to show you how to contour anything from your chest to boobs to abs. You can only imagine the confusion as I thought we were working towards empowering women to love their bodies.

Anyways, I have an ab contouring tip that just may BLOW YOUR MIND: working out!

Women are usually working out to look awesome in a bikini, right? So, why not work out to help you get a bikini bod rather than one that will rub off when you go swimming? I’m still trying to figure out how to contour my face! 

The media has already portrayed these unrealistic standards by altering and enhancing images. Viewing the world through a filter or slapping on some face cake before even daring to snap a photo is not a healthy nor realistic way to live life. Plus, half these women in the tutorial videos already have abs, so what’s the point?

Also, do you really want makeup smudged all over your clothes? What if it rains?

Body image sensitivity and concerns are growing at a rapid rate, and we need to continue to address this. Our bodies are not perfect, and it’s time to showcase more diverse bodies in the media. Remember, there isn’t just one way to be healthy or just one ideal look.

It is way more satisfying to work hard for your body, a body you can feel proud of without makeup. The world isn’t a female version of Magic Mike. So, let’s just save the body paint for Halloween!


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