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The face You Deserve

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Coco Chanel quote about the face you deserve

We live in interesting times. Age is truly nothing but a number; women in their 40s and beyond are bagging and marrying hot, young men in their 20s. Showing us mere mortals the light came Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore with her eight-year marriage to hottie Ashton Kutcher.

In addition to their beautiful toy-boy trophy partners, these famous celebrities have two things in common, the first one being their youthful visages.

Embarrassed face gif

According to Coco Chanel, while nature gives us the face we have at 20, we have the face we deserve at 50. Maybe that’s why droves of women are raiding the checking account and heading over to make-my-face-young.com.

Maybe it’s the eternally youthful Jennifer Aniston: “How do you do it, Jen?” For many of us, the thought of our alcohol-drenched 20s showing in our 50s is as bad or worse than that sh*t appearing on Facebook or Instagram. How fortunate that an entire industry has sprung up around fixing what was once only a problem for celebrities.

Screw You, Mother Nature

No one’s ugly, just poor!

Before and after pictures of celebrities

In a remarkable twist of fate, women who spent much of their teenage years trying to appear older are now desperately trying to look younger. For a growing number, the thought of growing old gracefully is not acceptable. It’s out with saggy jowls, furrowed brows, wrinkles and indeed anything that makes a woman over 30 look her age. There’s no shame in being a cougar, only looking like one. These days, there’s only one valid excuse for a woman to not look her very best.

The material girl at 55 growing old disgracefully

Madonna at age 55 on tour

Yes, what we lack is the second thing the most famous celebrity cougars have in common: their fortunes. Unlike us, they can afford the very latest in cutting-edge beauty treatments. It’s maybe true, money can’t buy you love.

However, it can buy you cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments and facial creams so expensive, they must contain the tears of baby unicorns. For the rest of us, however, we can still do our best with non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Our fixes are Botox, chemical peels, derma fillers, teeth whitening and semi-permanent make up.

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The face you can afford

Botox face gif

With women spending around $10,000 a year on treatments, holding back the sands of time does not run cheap. Forget the face you deserve, it’s all about the face you can afford. With menopause accelerating the aging process, many women resent not starting on the upkeep earlier. They maintain the facial muscles will be trained in the later years.

Before and after lip filler pictures of Kylie Jenner

It should therefore come as no surprise younger women are getting treatments. Just because you’re still in the bloom of youth, there’s no waiting until the proverbial cracks have appeared. Unlike their older counterparts, these women are merely trying to temper the trickle of sands through the hourglass. Their spending is on procedures such as lip fillers as evidenced by trout pouts all over social media.

Because We’re Worth It

Coco Chanel quote

Yes, we’re definitely worth it, but surely this is at odds with the fitness-over-appearance movement? Isn’t this obsession with looking younger as damaging and destructive as the every-size-is-healthy movement? While the older man is regarded as alluring and sexy, women of the same age are treated as inferior and decrepit. This is a time of female empowerment, with the real possibility of a female president. Surely, it’s time we women stop allowing others to dictate how we look and how we age?

Time to stop chasing eternal youth?

Picture of Joan Rivers after plastic surgery

Of course, women should do what makes them happy and confident in their skin. Yet, just because we can afford to do something, does that mean we should? There must come a point when we stop our incessant chase of youth and beauty. In the end, they can be as fickle and fleeting as the young men we attract, and like Ashton Kutcher, will eventually leave us for a younger specimen.

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher in happier times

Demi and Ashton in happier times

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