16 Ridiculously Hilarious Rules for Women Written in the 1800s

Talk about bizarre etiquette

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Let us take a moment to appreciate how far women have come in social society. We can vote, run for public office, work in the corporate world, and pretty much able to do anything a man can do including hitting up that weight room at the gym.

Well, it wasn’t always this way. Let’s take a look back in history at these utterly ridiculous written “rules” for women from a 19th-century etiquette book!

1.” You cannot be too circumspect in matters of love and marriage; and remember that whereas the character of a young lady is considered angelic, any blemish in it would withdraw the respect men have for you.”

So, we can’t take chances in relationships (sounds like an arranged marriage in the making) and any risks we would take would cause men not to have respect for us!? Sure! That makes sense?


2. “Avoid everything masculine.”

So, any attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with men are completely out of the question for us? Ha! Yeah, okay…


3. “Sympathize with the unfortunate.”

Okay, I kind of get this one but depending on circumstances shouldn’t we all as human beings sympathize with the less fortunate? We as women are compassionate people, but that doesn’t mean men can’t be either.


4. “Trust no female acquaintance.”

NOT A SINGLE ONE? Damn, it’s like Mean Girls.


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5. “Consult only your own relations.”

This one could have various meanings due to the definition of relations, but my interpretation is your existing connections and nothing new? They definitely didn’t want women to be risk takers.


6. “Pride yourself in modesty.”

Okay, we should…to an extent. I mean, we all should, including men, try to pride ourselves with modesty.


7. “Be not too often seen in public.”

I take this as we’re expected to fulfill the role as “happy housewife” and take care of everything around the house. Sadly, this belief still exists in some cultures today. Eventually, I hope that we can live in a world where this stereotype no longer exists.


8. “Read no novels, but let your study be history, geography, biography, and other instructive books.”

So, it would not be acceptable for us to read recreationally? Yes, we can learn from textbooks, but fiction may cause women to use their imaginations? PFFF! Creativity makes life exciting and fulfilling! So this idea is completely void.


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9. “Never be afraid of blushing.”

What angle are we coming from on this one? Did women fear to turn beet red in public?


10. “Form no friendship with men.”

We shouldn’t trust other women AND can’t form friendships with men? So, we’re supposed to be a bunch of loners?


11. “Make no great intimacies with anybody.”

No friendships with men or women or really anyone for that matter. Being a hermit sounds like a hella good time. I mean, who needs human contact with anyone?


12. “Give your hand, when necessary, modestly.”

Only acquaint ourselves with someone when asked? Let’s all just roll our eyes at this one.



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13. “Know that a man of good sense will never marry but the pious, industrious, and frugal.”

Only women who are devoutly religious, diligent, hardworking and simple make good wives? Damn, no turnin’ up with the wifey.


14. “Let not love begin on your part.”

Well, since women weren’t allowed to leave the house and form any friendships, this pointer is pretty useless.


15. “If you talk in society, talk only about those things which you understand.”

Oh, right, all the information we’ve retained from all those textbooks. Such knowledge.


16. “Endeavor to write and speak grammatically.”

Yeah, sure, okay. We’re all just a bunch of English teachers.

Shout out to the misogynistic asshole(s) who thought of this shit. The women of the future thank you for such entertainment.

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